Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Completion of a labor of love.

Much magic went on during the last few weeks for me on a personal level and I poured the hand detail into this one while the events were unfolding. It was wonderful to have this as a sort of release or record of that experience. This is the BIOFORCE character illustration. (She's Hanna the Team healer and shape shifter from Joe Graham's Omni Universe) Joe is a writer and came up with a great contest for Artists to illustrate his characters. He always encourages Writers and Artists to network and connect.  Check it all out and ADD  him  here to view the entries and vote later on MAY 1st.

I could have done a bit better on the hands and the hawk but my own hands were running out of strength between breaks and I wanted to be fair and meet the deadline. That said, unless I wanted to spend my nights sleeping in my brace all week I took breaks instead of overdoing it and working straight through . My time was running short for the deadline and the animals bore the brunt of that visually. The night I was to submit, the scanner decided to act up on me, which sucked, as meeting the submission day was imperative to the process for me. That was the only bummer or stress really. It was actually so much fun to create her image visually and there is always great group networking on his page. (nudge -nudge- wink-wink- add him.)
If you like what you see, the specs for the teenage character are in Joe's blog under bioforce contest and on his Wikipedia entry for OMNI.