Monday, September 27, 2010

Blogging #101

The busy summer season was filled with a lot of fun show dates, conventions and travel for me. Art Around Adams, the Junc shows, and CCI a.k.a. the San Diego Comic Con and more! Just back from GA after a great time at DragonCon, and have posted a good amount of photos on my FB site.

However, while I have been meaning to post here regularly once again, (and realize this is something everyone says) I do have good reason for taking a hiatus from blogger. Mainly, this was due to rampant pr0n bots and other sketchy posts or comments, all with links to various offensive sites. These were created by an influx of 'dummy' blogger user pages/sites set up for promoting web sites outside of blogger that were, in my opinion offensive. While those comments and links had been invading my blog for the earlier portion of 2010, I took it in stride removing and monitoring posts daily. That was until the links for sites that were pro race hate started crawling my page at an alarming rate. I *could* have just scrapped this and started over, during my busy Summer, but instead I blocked my blog from these users, put a filter on approving the comments and then reported the issue to blogger Admin. As an extra measure, I just let the blog's activity die down till the problem seemed to desist. Here's hoping it worked.

I also noticed that I ended my posts at exactly 100 entries.
Well, for post #101 I am pleased to announce...

GROUP ART SHOW! "Release the Bats!"
Time:Saturday, October 2 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm

JUNC Boutique & Gallery
2205 Fern Street
San Diego,CA 92104
Curated by Jasmine Worth

More info to follow - if you are still lurking out there that is. And if so?
Then thanks.

In the meantime here is a new piece, created exclusively for the show. Shots taken while in progress, and just before gallery submission. It is entitled: "First Flight Out"