Sunday, March 20, 2011


Wishing a joyous and Happy Spring to all. What a long hard winter this was, so glad it is over.

And what a perfect song to begin the Spring It reminds me of being 5 and listening to this in the back of my Dad's 1968 Buick Electra 225 while waiting for my Mom to finish the grocery shopping at the old Pantry Pride in NJ. Ah, fond shopping trip memories...

And the thought of making new ones thrills me too! Here's a quick fun shot snapped during a shopping trip this past weekend. Although I try to avoid warmart at all costs, there is not anything close by to the mountain for some supplies. So this was snapped at the Walmart here in the N. GA Mountains. I mean it is scary enough there, just being Walmart and all, but it's additionally pretty scary they have that on their best seller's list. For instance, take note of this little gem:

From the ads- "Take a stand against Satan with Eckhardt's scriptural handbook of spiritual warfare prayers and decrees! You'll learn how to plug into your power source; engage the enemy, confront his tactics, and destroy his forces; experience deliverance.." blah blah BLAH. Whatever happened to the nice, passive, old "do unto others" diatribe?

And hmm.. technically, considering some of the looks I get around here, if that thing really worked shouldn't it have bursted into flames the instant I touched it?