Friday, December 10, 2010

I wonder if Pandora said to herself:"Get off the box already Sister!"

Before she decided to open it - or after.. when she could no longer look away?

Sometimes, the power of the internet scares me like that. Or more, so the uncertainty of the information distributed and how quickly it is absorbed into the organic world as truth. "Going viral" I think is what the kiddies are calling it these days. ("YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN NOW, YOU HEAR?!") Which deeming anything "viral" seems a bit of a negative connotation or like a disease you'd want to avoid. I stopped getting active in chat rooms or forums years back, as I found it was far too easy to become the Red herring if you questioned anything against the grain of a community or questioned the validity of a statement or claim made by a 'popular' member. Gee that kinda sounds like High School doesn't it?

I actually like the idea that people can share free thought and self-promote their art/writing/skills, or connect from distant oceans and cities.. or just simply from miles away. But it's the responsibility and the power combined I guess..which makes me think of that great Stan Lee Quote:

"With great power there must also come ... great responsibility!" - STAN LEE, Amazing Fantasy #15, Aug. 1962


Just to give fair warning before you go into any further reading - Mercury retrograde has really turned my Gemini/Ram brain gears on a contemplative mega-hyper-overdrive-warp-speed-sense-of-justice state, and I've been too physically busy with life in general to sort this topic out in my head. So I thought I'd break by composing an entry as a form of purging. Forgive me in advance if you came here looking for an Art,Music, Comics or Horror related posting? This would not be that. Unwinding my brain with a post like this really is relaxing for me though.

Maybe as social creatures we are now self-aggregating our organic persona's by means of inorganic technology. This can be a good thing. But from just my own observations of web-society and participation (or my lack there of) in communities I see most are self aggrandizing their accomplishments along the way. With the encouragement of social network sites like FB, Myspace, as well as private and professional company web pages, corporate staff lists, tagging, flickr images, etc. People are not only listing credits and accomplishments but also their 'moods' and bio-rythms. How much of this is actually real and honest, accounting? There is far too much disinformation going on out there.As if news journalism wasn't enough to worry about there are a million+ monkeys now typing away on a million+ keyboards and very few fact check anything.

Job-networking sites such as Linkedin (one example) store resumes, work history, and company bio data until it becomes free-share information via linking or tagging. Without having the ability or good sense to fact-check all the data. It is up to the reader to do that fact-checking and the author to represent themselves honestly. These pages are sometimes public, sometimes private depending on security settings set by the user and therefore an accurate estimate of just how many are 'dropping in' is next to impossible without the use of web based tracking and analysis software. How much of it builds or Destroys careers, reputations and relationships would make for a fascinating term paper thesis at the very least.

Self-promotional tools like blogger or wordpress, as well others far too numerous to list, also encourage a bio or profile to be listed as an introduction.

Do I have a bio or resume up on more than one of these sites? You betcha' I do. But I keep my settings moderate to high, and usually only connect with people i know, or have known and dealt with in some networking capacity. Which keeps my numbers and reach low. As for work experience, I want a chance for a piece of the pie like everyone else.But I try to honest about what I can put into the pie before I try to make it. I don't make false claims. If I say it's a cherry pie I can make you, then it's cherry. You won't be biting into any surprises. Have I been tempted to lie in order to gain a better reputation or more under my belt? Well sure. Mostly because I saw that strategy played by many others in the past for a paycheck. But as I get older I try not to let that discourage me. I believe it safe to say that anyone who has worked hard and is qualified has at least once been passed over for a position given to someone who wasn't. Simply because they talked the talk. But I will also wager that they couldn't walk the walk after awhile on the job, or in the working relationship. The real-walker knows the key to this one is perseverance and self-confidence in your own skills.

Honesty is the best policy unless you want to wind up falling on your face the instant someone expects you to perform. I could never live my life like that for any amount of money or status.I'd rather put the positive effort into earning the skills necessary for the title or pay rather than propagating the lie.There would be no joy in the work it must take to keep false appearances up, no reward or sense of accomplishment only a nagging fear of the truth. Sure , if anyone fact-checks something before they hire, date or meet a person they can expose the truth but in most cases Corporations hire headhunters who rarely check facts before they deliver a rash of potential hires to be interviewed and the quality control of the hiring process breaks down.

This applies not only to career padded bios, but also personal bios on web-based friendship or dating networks. Can you imagine the confusion when the cream-puff you thought you had been chatting with is Mr./Ms. WTF in the flesh? I am sure this happens all the time.

For example: Think about it like this; most web based social networks allow us to construct bios, images and work resumes almost akin to an advertisement for a human being. Our followers become our consumers, as we grow our network lists, our potential outreach grows as well. Promoting us to be noticed by even more potential clients or social friends.

That which allows us to become more social online and connected via our computers: software, web, mobile cell services, etc. is listed into the data banks of these various networking sites and communities - and is also what is allowing us to encourage self-aggrandizing behavior in ways that define us based on our affinities and abilities. Be they true or false statements. The technology itself is tethered to these ads and brings it into the actual organic social world. Does the world really need more dishonesty?

It has to do less about the technology itself and more about the content used to entice others to make these connections with the author of the info. People are more likely to lie on the net than they would be face-to-face. They have the confidence of knowing it cannot be as easily detected behind a glowing box. The experiences we create as a result of those connections are just as important as the experiences that brands are trying to create for us when they 'sell' us a product or service.Yet they are (for the most part) governed by Consumer advocate groups and State Agencies or National counsels.

I have no doubt with the web still in it's infancy stages that as laws develop to protect consumers from fraud, children from harm, web-identity theft, and horrors of the like, that there will be someday be a need for a sort of system. An FDA or BBB type True or False scale put in place by which to measure these claims and deem them credible or not. With so many people on this planet and web access being what it is to date (as compared to say a decade ago?) I can't imagine that there could ever be a way to tackle all that.

As it stands now, we are to be left to our own devices.Are we willing to honestly govern ourselves as to how we represent one another as human beings?




But I digress, the purpose of networking either socially or professionally is for self-gain. Connections that we make *may* enhance our love-life, or further our careers, shift our directions or opinions by interacting with others. This allows for the potential to gain either financially, monetarily, or raise our social status. By collecting our lists of accomplishments and attributes in order to make ourselves appear more attractive or useful one should try to be as honest as possible. But this seems a daunting task without pointing out our true selves, or our actual skill levels and possible flaws as a part of the whole package. We deceive no one but ourselves and society in the end if we are anything less than forthright and true. Other than citing my own experiences, I can only wonder how many reputations have been built or condemned based on lies or stretched truths.So sometimes I have to question how much effect this powerful and useful internet tool has on the waking world and it's inhabitants and my tiny role in it's infinitely growing structure.


*Seems like I am not the only blogger wondering and making the Pandora's Box connection.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Show pics.

Had a fantastic time at opening reception for The Ghost of Christmas Past Group art Show JUNC BOUTIQUE during the South Park Walkabout last night. Thanks to Jasmine Worth (curator), Designer and Boutique owner Jeffrey Parish and all who came out to celebrate the event.
(L to R)  The Great Randali, Me, Jasmine Worth.

Taken at The Ghost of Christmas Past Group art show @ JUNC.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Powerful clip - powerful song. Even minus the heavy hitting drum and full on guitar assault, this acoustic version (although not as heavy as the LP track) still packs a mighty wallop! Her stage presence and voice is so powerful all at once, that it just really magnifies the lyrics and intensifies the delivery.

I have always found this song and Skin (Deborah Dyer) both a joy to listen to, and also highly motivational. Not only in her choice of lyrical content, but that often in songs the message is one of introspection, self-trust, self-respect, empowerment, and strength to overcome.

Ex: "A circle of angels deep in war, 'cause I wanted you..Weak as I am no tears for you.."

Whether or not these lyrics are based on personal struggle, past mistakes, or just merely an invented scenario themed to create a mood in a song? Either way it works. Weak enough to make mistakes, strong and smart enough not to dwell on it, or cry over spilt milk.That is what I gather from it as a listener.

It's always good to have something to turn to that helps you find your bootstraps. For me, that's always been art first and music a close second. It's songs like this make me want to get behind a mic again - and even if could not throw down the powerhouse vocals like this, it sure would be a nice exorcism.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Self portrait photography:November 2010

I have been working on this project since Fall 2000 when I arrived in California. It started off casually as a file folder of photos on my mac and just kind of grew from there. It began as quite accidental, because I have often used myself as a reference model for paintings sometimes, or took shots to get hand gestures down just right and/or for other lighting study. It evolved into a long-term archival project, spanning over a decade and utilizing a dozen different cameras. The experimentation with different cameras, cell-phone cameras and lighting effects, as well as the span of time has made for a really introspective experience.Here is the first one. This is probably the last CA entry, which I am now using for my wordpress about/bio photo.

Frozen Charlotte - Stage 2

Work in progress, acrylic and mixed media, including possible framing selections. (antique frame circa 1880's - 1910)

Stage 3:

This painting upon completion will be featured in the JUNC boutique December 4th show.

Click link HERE for more details on the opening reception.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Prelim sketch for work in progress

Frozen Charlotte
- inspired by the 1840's poem/ghost tale, later ballad and doll. Doodled while sitting outside at my neighborhood Starbucks. Charlotte, in my humble opinion was possibly the first teen-aged, American, fashion victim (turned tragedy) ever celebrated in song. Seems the Victorian era had a cautionary tale of woe and warning for every kid out there about to make a health or social faux pas.Who knew a century plus later we would have 15 year olds falling into open manholes while simultaneously walking and texting with their designer phones on Staten Island?

I first became familiar with this story when I was about nine, as read in a doll collectors book my Mother had. I recall she was always getting on me to bundle up during the cold NJ/Philadelphia Winters we had, and I always protested about it in one way or another. So naturally, this story scared the heck out of me when I read it in her library of books. Funny thing is, as I became an all fashion consumed teenager myself some years later, she reminded me of it quite frequently when I headed out the door. "Cover your chest Charlotte!" Gotta love wise Moms.

According to several doll encyclopedias "Frozen Charlotte" dolls were originally called "Nackfrosh" (Naked Baby) or "Badekinder" (bathing baby) in Germany, where they they were first made. Popular 1850's to 1920's. They were composed of bone china or bisque, and sold cheaply in toy catalogs. Clad only in mittens and a bonnet, or else completely naked. The idea was for little girls to become 'handy' with a needle and thread and clothe the stiffly poised, and un-poseable little doll babies.

Anyway, this sketch is a mere preliminary doodle for my 2nd painting submission in the "Ghost of Christmas Past" Group Art show@ JUNC on December 4th.

History of the literary work as a poem:
Said to be based on a true event recorded in an original poem by Maine humorist(?) and editor Seba Smith [1792-1868] and set to music by William Lorenzo Carter. [Laws G17] Native American Balladry (G. Malcolm Laws, 1950/1964)

Young Charlotte (Collected by K. Peacock)
Frozen Charlot

Now, Charlotte lived on the mountainside,
In a bleak and dreary spot;
There was no house for miles around,
Except her father's cot.
And yet on many a wintry night,
Young swains were gathered there;
For her father kept a social board,
And she was very fair.

One New Year's Eve as the sun went down,
Far looked her wishful eye
Out from the frosty window pane
As merry sleighs went by.

In a village fifteen miles away,
Was to be a ball that night;
And though the air was heavy and cold,
Her heart was warm and light.

How brightly beamed her laughing eye,
As a well-known voice was heard;
And driving up to the cottage door,
Her lover's sleigh appeared.

"O, daughter dear," her mother cried,
"This blanket 'round you fold;
It is a dreadful night tonight,
You'll catch your death of cold."

"O, nay! O, nay!" young Charlotte cried,
And she laughed like a gypsy queen;
"To ride in blankets muffled up,
I never would be seen.

"My silken cloak is quite enough,
You know 'tis lined throughout;
Besides I have my silken scarf,
To twine my neck about."

Her bonnet and her gloves were on,
She stepped into the sleigh;
Rode swiftly down the mountain side,
And o'er the hills away.

With muffled face and silent lips,
Five miles at length were passed;
When Charles with few and shivering words,
The silence broke at last.

"Such a dreadful night I never saw,
The reins I scarce can hold."
Fair Charlotte shivering faintly said,
"I am exceeding cold."

He cracked his whip, he urged his steed
Much faster than before;
And thus five other dreary miles
In silence were passed o'er.

Said Charles, "How fast the shivering ice
Is gathering on my brow."
And Charlotte still more faintly said,
"I'm growing warmer now."

So on they rode through frosty air
And glittering cold starlight,
Until at last the village lamps
And the ballroom came in sight.

They reached the door and Charles sprang out,
He reached his hand for her;
She sat there like a monument,
That has no power to stir.

He called her once, he called her twice,
She answered not a word;
He asked her for her hand again,
And still she never stirred.

He took her hand in his - O, God!
'Twas cold and hard as stone;
He tore the mantle from her face,
Cold stars upon it shone.

Then quickly to the glowing hall,
Her lifeless form he bore;
Fair Charlotte's eyes were closed in death,
Her voice was heard no more.

And there he sat down by her side,
While bitter tears did flow;
And cried, "My own, my charming bride,
You never more will know."

He twined his arms around her neck,
He kissed her marble brow;
His thoughts flew back to where she said,
"I'm growing warmer now."

He carried her back to the sleigh,
And with her he rode home;
And when he reached the cottage door,
O, how her parents mourned.

Her parents mourned for many a year,
And Charles wept in the gloom;
Till at last her lover died of grief,
And they both lie in one tomb.

This variant was collected in 1958 from Charlotte Decker of Parson's Pond, NL, by Kenneth Peacock and published in Songs Of The Newfoundland Outports, Volume 3, pp.735-737, by The National Museum of Canada (1965) Crown Copyrights Reserved.

Kenneth Peacock noted that several attempts have been made to relate this American ballad to an actual event, all without real success. If Charlotte existed, however, we can be reasonably certain she lived somewhere in New England. What we do know is that part of the ballad appeared in The Rover in 1843 and was credited to Seba Smith, a well-known journalist of the period. It is not known whether he composed it himself or learned it from oral tradition. In any event, it has spread all over the continent and is especially popular in Newfoundland where it is sometimes called Frozen Charlotte.

Ironically, The New York Observer reported on February 8, 1840, that a girl froze to death on her way to a ball on January 1, 1840.

Bundle up people, it's cold outside.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


“Ghost of Christmas Past” Group Show
Opening Reception: December 4th, 2010
Time: 6-10 pm
Curator: Jasmine Worth
Related Event: South Park Walk-About

Junc Boutique & Gallery
2205 Fern St.
San Diego, CA 92104

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This always bugged me as a kid.

I love that another Artist pointed it out to me online. Much as I enjoyed all those holiday PEANUTS specials, I had to share this quirky bit.
(Thanks to Kelly Vivanco for making me recall that today.)


Monday, October 4, 2010

Show pics from JUNC 10/2/10.

What a great turnout! I love that some dressed perfect for the occasion, simply by being themselves and/or finding something from their own wardrobe or the boutique itself. I had a chance to break out my Bat Attack LIP SERVICE outfit with a bustier from the lovely Shelley deadgothgirl and the cincher/skirt combo from the awesome eBay seller: stevefuel.

So many wonderful pieces in the show, as usual I was blown away by curator Jasmine Worth's work ("Plum Mother") and also Vanessa Leman's talents. This time it was her version of "Lillith" that took my breath away. Check the Joe Linsner piece "White Wings" with the masterful use of dark and light contrast shading. It's a great feeling to be showing in such good company. These pieces will be up for a few weeks if you missed the opening reception. Shots from the Release the Bats Group Show including the art mentioned above and my own piece are all here in my Bats Group Show FB album.

Thanks to Jasmine, Jeffrey, Martha, Dewey and everyone who made it out. Such a fun night.



Monday, September 27, 2010

Blogging #101

The busy summer season was filled with a lot of fun show dates, conventions and travel for me. Art Around Adams, the Junc shows, and CCI a.k.a. the San Diego Comic Con and more! Just back from GA after a great time at DragonCon, and have posted a good amount of photos on my FB site.

However, while I have been meaning to post here regularly once again, (and realize this is something everyone says) I do have good reason for taking a hiatus from blogger. Mainly, this was due to rampant pr0n bots and other sketchy posts or comments, all with links to various offensive sites. These were created by an influx of 'dummy' blogger user pages/sites set up for promoting web sites outside of blogger that were, in my opinion offensive. While those comments and links had been invading my blog for the earlier portion of 2010, I took it in stride removing and monitoring posts daily. That was until the links for sites that were pro race hate started crawling my page at an alarming rate. I *could* have just scrapped this and started over, during my busy Summer, but instead I blocked my blog from these users, put a filter on approving the comments and then reported the issue to blogger Admin. As an extra measure, I just let the blog's activity die down till the problem seemed to desist. Here's hoping it worked.

I also noticed that I ended my posts at exactly 100 entries.
Well, for post #101 I am pleased to announce...

GROUP ART SHOW! "Release the Bats!"
Time:Saturday, October 2 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm

JUNC Boutique & Gallery
2205 Fern Street
San Diego,CA 92104
Curated by Jasmine Worth

More info to follow - if you are still lurking out there that is. And if so?
Then thanks.

In the meantime here is a new piece, created exclusively for the show. Shots taken while in progress, and just before gallery submission. It is entitled: "First Flight Out"


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hungry Ghost Moon Group Show @ JUNC

Show Location:

Junc Boutique & Gallery
2205 Fern Street
San Diego, CA
Curated By: Jasmine Worth

The "Hungry Ghost Moon" Group Show, is an art show inspired by the 'Chinese tradition of Ghost Month (鬼月), in which ghosts and spirits, including those of the deceased ancestors, come out from the lower realm'. Come dressed up for the occasion, and celebrate a night of Art, Food, Shopping and Fun with all of us.

Opening reception is: Saturday, July 17th
Time:6-10 pm

Featured Artists Include:

Joe Linsner:
Kristina Deak:
Jasmine Worth:
Gloria Muriel:
Vanessa Lemen:
Faith Lindley:
James Geiger:

..and more!

Hope to see you there!

Monday, June 14, 2010


San Diego had to give me a nice 5.7 send off in the form of a few aftershocks and a substantially noticeable tremblorlast night And just before finally finishing things up and going to bed early too! Well, early for me anyway. No damage and nothing broken, etc. Just rattled dishes and shelf items, a floral arrangement disheveled a bit, and the awkward sensation of me doing the ol' floor-swaggering SoCal shuffle in the kitchen. All this while setting the coffee timer. I must say, I can now state that digital clock LCD readings look reeeally trippy when the rest of the place is shaking.

Ah, all this and the upset of Mother Nature too! Gotta wonder why you never see that advertised on the postcards?


Sunday, June 6, 2010


A very few random shots of yesterday's event from my mobil phone.


The Queens throne...


My retail wall (in the original Lestats - near the main counter & Baristas.

Various Artists and the expanded corner room. (All praise John Husler for supporting local Artists and his dedication to making Lestats so unique 24-7!)

Amazing works from Andrew Lucas. I've been wanting the huge Satanic Jesus wall mural over at LeStats West for 6 years now.

@Lestats WEST - Live music all day/night long! (Props to Lou, as always.)

@ Art Of Framing (practically next door)

@ Smitty's Service down the road a ways (Todo Mundo - live)

METROPOLIS playing on the big screen @ the historic Ken Cinema! (more on that later in the week - promise!)

The KEN cinema in the forground and an outdoor shot of the after-party @ The Ken Club (also pretty historic - or hysteric..depending on the night, etc.)

And the good old Ken cafe (my AM haunt) and the end of the walk for me. I'll probably see that place in a few hours, mug in hand.


Goodnight moon......


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reminder! This Saturday.

My display is over at LeStats.
Event hours are 3 - 9 PM.
Come join the all-day fun in Normal Heights.
3343 Adams Ave.
San Diego, CA

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bursting and full to the brim...

Ah, yes waking up with tremors and aftershocks as my new bed partners.."Oh, how I loathe thee."Anyway, since that's becoming the daily norm, I just thought I'd mention it.

On to better things. I am extremely pleased to note that in the last few days, a couple of my fellow art friends have called me from the road, or their new residences on the East coast to share their experiences with me. It is an exciting time for both my friends, despite where they are on their creative paths as Artists, or for that matter, where they are in their lives and careers. Despite the age differences, or the body of work leading up to this moment, it is a time of rebirth, becoming and new beginnings...of endless possibilities. For some, there is the discovery of new places and opportunities, others are considering the unexplored territory within the familiar realms. It's all about choices, but I can see that both of them are ready to burst forth and creatively grow as Artists. I can hear these rich experiences translated via their words and almost feel the electricity bouncing from their brains during these conversations.

It is so wonderful to know that those close to me are receiving such enlightenment, and encouragement in their work and it gives me great inspiration to hear them share this re-telling also. I have said more than once: "2009 was a heavy and trying year." And that if you endured it, puts one at the precipice of something that can only lead to a major crossroad. One full of greater possibilities via our choices made. They key is to choose wisely, but not stand still for too long in hesitation. I feel that 2010 is going to be a very good landmark year for many of us, and so far I think I am on to something there. These are the simple things that when I hear them resonate so strongly, make me sure I have indeed chosen the right occupation for myself as well.

It truly does feel as if the spirit of Spring is literally upon us.

Even in my daily walks around the neighborhood I have been drinking in the gorgeous visual signs of this. I'll leave you with some photos taken during my walks over the last few weeks:



Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nowhere to run.

Ok. So insomnia is something I've dealt with literally, since I was a child. However am so OVER this tremor, aftershock, earthquake-bullshit thing making me lose sleep on top of it. Sure, like most people. I've been feeling the smaller ones, even last week during the day (some Wednesday and also on Thursday.) but even though I had a full day and was tired last night I still could not get to sleep. I had laid there nearly 2 hours fully awake and unable to sleep. I felt uneasy and a little nauseous. So I went into the bathroom and while sitting there, sure enough, now a little after 2 AM - WAP! Another one.I felt the whole foundation of the house rumble and there was a quick shift like the floor just split, and then nothing. This was a fairly quick one in comparison to last Sunday, nothing falling from shelves, and not anything like that one was at all. Not as heavy, or long, but still. I got to my feet a few minutes after sitting there still and in wait. I checked the internet afterwards and there was nothing yet. I was like, am I crazy? No I felt THAT. So this morning I found a few bits of info.

So I do finally get to sleep afterwards, yeah. But still? "Nuts to this shit."

I don't know what's going to happen, everyone keeps saying the old Almanacs and even the new technology states May is the month to watch. I don't want to give into the paranoia, but hey..when the earth is freakin' moving? ok..yeah. I really think something is up and I do not want to be here for it. On a humorous note, I'm totally breaking out my California Killed me shirt today - last years awesome Birthday gift from Helaine and Randali.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Big Exit

Yep.Sounds about right at the moment.

One of my favourite versions is here and takes place 2 days before 9/11 at EFC in Philadelphia. Pretty interesting in a way to re-visit the performance at a later date, especially since this was during the tour for Stories From the City..Stories From the Sea - her NYC concept LP. Who knew within the span of a few days, that the "end of the world" certainly did feel like it was happening by that time. I also wanted to share an excellent 2001/2002 interview with PJ for anyone interested.

Location, location, location = totally true in all points past & present.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eastertime earthquake!

Nothing like a nice 6.9 7.2 hitting nearby to remind you you are truly living in Southern, CA. More proof that Mother Earth is NOT happy..

Baja was the first report as it's location, and later it was confirmed it's epicentre was recorded as being in Calexico and one of the worst in decades to hit the region.

This was the longest I've ever felt one last, and the one full of the most sway. I even lost a few things from shelves and saw the ceiling fixtures rock. Damn, how I miss the nice, normal terrential rains and sideways storms of the East.The first largest one I experienced was maybe around 2001 or so, and I was hiking at the time.They sure feel a lot weirder when experienced while indoors. Before and afterwards, these things always make me nauseous and get even my goat stomach queasy.Gah.
GAWD! HOW do you CA people get used to this shit?!!?

Ironically, this all happened while I was on the phone with my Mom and family in N.J., and I was about to go for a nice Springtime walk outdoors afterward. The dog seized the opportunuty to swipe a stuffed toy and some Easter candy off the table in all the confusion. Little f*cker. I guess he figured if the end was nigh, at least he was going to go out with a mouthful of goodies in tow.

All is ok here, just wanted to make a quick post to my East coast people who may not have spoken to me today.
Waiting, (albeit nervously) for the aftershocks...


Update: Felt some mild aftershocks and finally after not being able to sleep I was awake for rest of the larger portion of the quake in the wee hours.Then after about 5:40 AM I finally collapsed into some kind of nauseous sleep.

More info here:

Monday, March 29, 2010

Images from the Midnight Dreary Show 03/27/10

Wonderful Show @ JUNC on Saturday night in South Park. If you missed it, well all I can say is what a shame for you! I had so much fun and so many laughs.A few of us really got into the spirit of the show by dressing up in period attire to compliment the pieces and the overall show theme. The night really seemed to zip past. Viewing gorgeous work, meeting like-minded new people and carousing with friends,discussing art, plus shopping and a little wine.. well what more can you ask for? I'll let the pics do the talking.

Our lovely Curator, the talented Artist Jasmine Worth in this pic -

Just hours before embarking on her NYC journey, my wonderful pal & Performance Artist: Helaine paid us a visit to show her support. (miss you already doll.)

Matt , (who helps me at my shows) with Jasmine and I.

My coffee-shop buddy Seth and I. (Thanks for coming out!)

Artists: Faith Lindley, Jasmine, and Vanessa Lemen.

Jeff and Dewey of JUNC.

Sharon (Dewey's Mom) and I enjoying a moment while discussing art & gardening.

Art patron and shopper happily perusing the wares at Junc.

I also had to include a shot of the gown Jeff designed for his label LAGO - a breath taking, sequined, stunner.

And on to the ART!

Jasmine Worth's grouping of pieces.

Kristina Deak - "Ligeia" and "Ligeia's Apparition in the Bridal Chamber"

Faith Lindley's amazing "Ligeia" portrait.

Kelly Vivanco's - "Little Silver"

Brett J. Barrett

Stacy D'Aguiar's fiercesome dragon seems right at home on the walls at JUNC!

Two by Lindey Ivey.

James Geiger.

Kim Schwenk's "Annabel Lee."

One of three gorgeous pieces from Vanessa Lemen - too bad, I couldn't photograph the other two good enough to post them due to my flash.

James Ivey.

..and a ram-tastic belt at Junc I was admiring.

Aftershow: Finishing it up at the Asian Bistro in Hillcrest with Patti and the Kim's. Patti's mad mock-duck dish was a real hit with the vegetarians at the table!

Life is good, and I for one feel blessed to be in such good company. Thanks to all who came out to show their support.Can't wait for the next Junc show!