Monday, June 14, 2010


San Diego had to give me a nice 5.7 send off in the form of a few aftershocks and a substantially noticeable tremblorlast night And just before finally finishing things up and going to bed early too! Well, early for me anyway. No damage and nothing broken, etc. Just rattled dishes and shelf items, a floral arrangement disheveled a bit, and the awkward sensation of me doing the ol' floor-swaggering SoCal shuffle in the kitchen. All this while setting the coffee timer. I must say, I can now state that digital clock LCD readings look reeeally trippy when the rest of the place is shaking.

Ah, all this and the upset of Mother Nature too! Gotta wonder why you never see that advertised on the postcards?


Sunday, June 6, 2010


A very few random shots of yesterday's event from my mobil phone.


The Queens throne...


My retail wall (in the original Lestats - near the main counter & Baristas.

Various Artists and the expanded corner room. (All praise John Husler for supporting local Artists and his dedication to making Lestats so unique 24-7!)

Amazing works from Andrew Lucas. I've been wanting the huge Satanic Jesus wall mural over at LeStats West for 6 years now.

@Lestats WEST - Live music all day/night long! (Props to Lou, as always.)

@ Art Of Framing (practically next door)

@ Smitty's Service down the road a ways (Todo Mundo - live)

METROPOLIS playing on the big screen @ the historic Ken Cinema! (more on that later in the week - promise!)

The KEN cinema in the forground and an outdoor shot of the after-party @ The Ken Club (also pretty historic - or hysteric..depending on the night, etc.)

And the good old Ken cafe (my AM haunt) and the end of the walk for me. I'll probably see that place in a few hours, mug in hand.


Goodnight moon......


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reminder! This Saturday.

My display is over at LeStats.
Event hours are 3 - 9 PM.
Come join the all-day fun in Normal Heights.
3343 Adams Ave.
San Diego, CA