Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Ah, my favourite Holiday is upon us! So, from my house to yours - Happy Halloween and best wishes for the new year ahead! Hope everyone is having a spectacular Samhain and celebrating with friends and family. Enjoy the day - and especially the night!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Heather's Vlog is funny.

A little all-Hallows Eve viewing for your entertainment...

Honestly, while I don't have or actually want kids, if I had to be forced to raise a teenager, it would probably be best if it were a perpetually 16 year old kid (but really 600 in Vampire years) as cocky as Heather Campbell. Been following the clips for some time and she's priceless!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Perfectly horrible.

<--(Me & Frank go waay back - just don't tell Elsa Lanchester's kids you heard that here.)

In the true spirit of Halloween (my favourite Holiday) I admit I've been a bit more obsessed and in touch with my horror-lovin' roots than usual. This is perfectly normal behavior for me and it occurs every year. Yet, when I see the lack of decorated homes and know that the actual number of door-to-door Trick or Treaters I can expect diminishes each year - I still see costumes sold everywhere. And the ads for mall and strip mall sponsored events are in all the junk-mail flyers I get. So why are the scary things kids want to dress up as so few and far between? I mean firstly, let's define the type of scary I am talking about. Because one recent year, when little boys had those pimp costumes, and the little girls were dressing up in those Bratz doll costumes? Yeah to me, letting little girls run around the neighborhood dressed like that? Now THAT shit was scary. Plus, I simply recall that was called the "hooker" costume back when I was a kid, and it was a lame-o choice.One usually made by those who had raided the closets of wither their older sisters who went to Disco-tech, or their Moms who were having a mid-life hoochie image crisis. Anyway, I mean horror-genre scary when I ponder all this.
And so, each year I gotta wonder.. Are kids just not into horror any more? Is it now deemed un-cool? Do parents feel it is abnormal to like the horror genre at an early age? I mean we had scads of that awesome stuff on the market when I was growing up. We (and well our parents to be more specific) were the target market audience for all that stuff. I'm just glad I haven't outgrown it.

And apparently this year my focus is on Frankenstein and the other Universal Monsters. Now maybe it's because I was familiar early on with this image from everything to my Uncle's collection of Aurora kits, to seeing the 1931 classic movie aired on Dr.Shock when I was just three. His daughter Bubbles was close to my age and she sat right along side him in many of the shows. So I just figured that's what all little girls watched on TV. Talk about being ahead of the curve for Daddy/Daughter go-to-work-day.

Click here for the old TV show intro.

I owe so much to this late, great horror host legend who died so young.(42) Were it not for all those Saturday mornings and the great Hammer UK and Universal films he showed, I might have never known the true meaning of a classic horror flick. I can clearly remember standing in a big line to get an 8x10 glossy autograph from him. (it was in N.J. at either a strip mall or a car dealership or bank, I forget the where now.) Ah, but I digress..what I meant to say was that deep down, from my early beginnings, I guess it's the classic Monsters I loved best then and still do. I thought this was all perfectly normal for a kid's eyes to covet.Maybe watching the Addams Family or The Munsters almost daily and seeing Eddie Munster clutch his beloved Wolfie doll did it. Or was it perhaps my later love of graphic novels taking place. With my introduction having been Bernie Wrightston's illustrated version of Frankenstein. Yep, that could have kept this cycle going well into my teens.Ironically, at 13, I had Mary Shelley's Grandaughter as my English and homeroom teacher. (no shit)
And so it's merely a commonplace occurrence to me that I had a still had thing for Frankenstein's monster going on through adulthood. It was apparent the Monster influence was still there in 2003, when I named my ex's Pharoah Hound/Boxer mix KARLOFF. (After his role in Universal's The Mummy) And also, because the alternate choices all being sucky, it won over. I mean who really wants to yell "Here Imhotep!" - "Hey Tutankhamen!" or even worse: "Come Ramses!" at the local dog park? Since I am on the subject of naming pets. One of these days, if the urge continues, I believe I am going to get a snake and name it Anaal Nathrakh - after the Charm of Making in Boorman's classic Excalibur, despite the obvious redundancy of that name for a snake. (Serpent's breath.) Hey, reciting that aloud got me out of jury duty once in N.J. - I'd say that's pretty magical.

Anyway, this and all of the other many cited reasons above are why I accept that I'm never going to change my gore-tastic, horror lovin' , darkie chic ways. And that's fine with me really. Why should I ? But here is some more recent photographic proof for your viewing pleasure anyway. A shot of me and Frankie in 2008. One that was also published in a magazine article/interview I did. I'm actually glad my horror roots *bleed into my Art and are associated with my public image/persona. (*No pun intended.)

That said, it didn't raise any eyebrows of mine that when I did a few low-cost mini's (all were priced under $25.00) for the U*NI*TY fundraiser show earlier in the month, I included some of the classic monsters for Halloween. One was a tiny little version of Frankenstein's Monster (al'a Universal Studios style.) Ironically, some guy had the nerve to ask me where I got the image from.Now I usually don't use photographic references much, and when I do I cite them or the photographer if at all possible. Sometimes it's a state-the-obvious-contest though. Is the common knowledge that this ones a pop-icon not a given? Much as I was tempted to tell him - Why no, I came up with the iconic Karloff-esque Frankenstein Monster's visual all on my own, you genius.- instead I just walked back behind my table and laughed, while asking him instead if he:"was a fucking lawyer for Universal?" Someone else actually bought that little Frankie piece and she seemed real happy with it. I'll bet she knew where the Karloff-ish image was from and was fine with some of the sale proceeds going to a good cause.

And then there's my love of Dracula. Both the novel and my favourite iconic image of him as portrayed by Bela Lugosi...Ah how
I wonder, as a serious actor (despite his addiction) what he would have thought of today's Twillight Bullshit? Anyway, here is my 2006 Halloween costume, I went as the literary character Mina Harker (just bitten and freshly 'turned') from Braham Stoker's classic Dracula. Sadly, only like 2 people actually got it.

Yet, I'll wager if I had the height and ample gozongas enough to have gone as Vampirella, I'm sure that would have been well recognized. Hmm, on second thought to complete the character transformation, I'd have had to throw in a labotomy in too. Oh well.

My 2001 - Vampi here.

Speaking of Vampi, Ohio Artist and founder of Elephant Stone Records Arabella Proffer has an original oil painting in her Etsy shop and up for sale. (just added the other day) “Vampirella” was publicly shown at “Identity Theft: Reinventing the comic hero.” An exhibition that took place last year, and one that I so wanted to be a part of once I'd heard it was happening. Anyway, I think it would look great as year-round decor if anyone has a spare $460.00 lying around.

Proffer's Vampirella

I love this piece. Personally, I like the 'disembodied hand' effect going on there with the wine glass.I don't know if it was intentional or not, but it reminds me of a kind of feminine version of The Addams Family's THING running around and serving her at a Vineyard Estate.

Stay Spooky,


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Uh, when did I wake up and find myself back in 1976?

Because today THIS was at the foot of my driveway. No shit.

I heard this loud - but muffled - smash occur out in the alley, one that I immediately felt had the characteristic sound of porcelain crashing against a hard surface. (Yeah, just trust me and don't ask why I know this sound, but I do.) It was loud enough to wake me up from a sound sleep, just before my scheduled daily alarm went off. And because I had been woken up earlier than planned, the coffee timer was still merely at the pre-brewing stage. So despite having not yet one cup, I still decided to bravely investigate by letting the dog out to pee. This was when I noticed these from the vantage point of my driveway as it leads down to the alley and street.

Seems one of my neighbors or a passerby had accidentally 'dropped' a full sink basin on the concrete walk or it 'bounced' off the asphalt surface of my street while they were driving by. (It's remains are in the background of first pic above, just past the swanky, green, disintegrating mesh beach chair.) But they also left this neatly-boxed, ancient, stash out in front of my neighbor's weathered tool shed for the recyclable zombies* to feed upon. (*They are those desperate souls who endlessly wander our neighborhood streets in search of more deposit/return cans and bottles to scavenge.) Now, just in case I had woken up in some parallel universe I HAD the good sense to check by coming back inside and see that yes, I do indeed have a G5, a Blackberry and a digital camera on hand. Tangible things that I could physically touch, and utilize in this present year of 2009. And although I was still groggy, and the sun was glaringly bright I managed to shoot off a few frames. You will have to excuse the crappy shots, I wasn't going to bother touching the dusty funk of 30-some-years past, just to to move the packs for better lighting in a shot.

Why people out here never seem to discard and leave me any old 70's toys, comic books or platform shoes is beyond me.I have to say it is doubly surreal to me that after that visual weirdness, when I had begun to indulge in my daily routine over coffee it was only to continue on as I was reading the news. After the ancient soda discovery today, and hearing so much media coverage concentrated on the Swine Flu is what is making me recall 1976 in particular.

One thing the current articles all seem to have in common is that they make mention of the recent increase of reported deaths and also the number of outbreaks in certain areas of the US. I feel this reporting has really gotten people worried about pandemic concerns based on the increasing numbers and thus, the public can only gauge their fear as legitimate as this gets worse, instead of better. Having been skeptical of the US media machine for some time, I've already done my research on this as much as I can though alternative sources. While I was already aware that the mandatory reporting of the amount of cases, or the fatalities to a WHO was no longer in place as of August or so, I wondered why the media bothers reporting the increased numbers at all? If it's to scare us into getting shots or whatever else? WTF? If the media really wanted to strike fear into us, why didn't they simply say how many people do not realize that any of these reported media sourced numbers is, or may be highly inaccurate because of this lack of mandated reporting from agencies since August? Beats me.

As always, I'm playing it safe as far as doing my best to ward of illness, but I'm not going top get so freaked-out or scared that I get a damn flu shot.However, it's the end of October that does worry me more. I understand that heath care workers are subject to getting these mandatory shots as it's a hazard of the job when one has a career where they often expose their bodies to illness or outbreaks. But I am always leery of US approved immunization for the general public who do not fall into this category anyway. The fact that people, if they so choose can conveniently get their shots the same place where I might get my food source and then go roaming freely through the grocery store, CVS, Walgreen's (etc..etc.) aisles afterward is just nuts to me. Most of these flu shot recipients will go touching everything in sight, while I am there grabbing Halloween candy, a card, (or whatever else) is what irks me. Guess Halloween is supposed to be scary, right? And of the people who do get the shots and become willingly inflicted with the symptoms of the sickness, I am reminded of prior co-workers. Those who usually just show up for work all the time, instead of calling out as they should. So screw it, as the Fall progresses if this doesn't let up going into winter? I've decided it might just be smarter if everyone this year on my list is gets either Art shipped out to them, or else online gifts sent to them for the Holidays.

Before anyone thinks I am a paranoid conspiracy theorist, understand that I know where a lot of my skepticism comes from, my upbringing and having survived the 70's. And thanks to today's web technology I was able to google and find an old 60 minutes clip HERE. Pretty crazy stuff. I actually recall my parents discussing this show after it aired, and much like the Legionarres disease scare (where in Philadelphia 28 people died of a mysterious virus dubbed "Legionnaire's disease.") the Swine Flu as well was already the subject of National news back then. However, having supposedly originated in Fort Dix that terrorizing concern over immunizing against the flu virus was elevated to a high-level of immediate concern for households in N.J., N.Y., and P.A. Especially in the schools. People were being urged by Uncle Sam to go and get immunized. This was all over the news and on TV in N.J. and the Tri-State area in 1976.

Dig this ad, and yes they were seriously televised ads and not a parody or farce.

I remember my Mom strongly arguing with my Dad about being against any of us getting one even before this aired. Hey, despite my awesome memory powers, I think anyone would recall things from childhood such as your Mom arguing against you getting a shot. I was on her side, what kid wants one of those? My Mom promptly refused that I , or anyone else in my immediate household was getting one of these. And so we didn't. Soon after more reports like this one from 60 minutes surfaced. My Mom kicks-ass.

Fine. Call me a product of the 70's (and anyone who knows me can and does, since I still can be spotted wearing platform boots and bell-bottoms from time-to-time) but revisiting this current newsworthy issue and topic of the Swine Flu all these decades later, I'm with her. Mass immunization, or mass anything recommended by the government or state for that matter, always raises concerns with me and people should do all the research they can to make an informed decision.

After today, I find that suddenly the title of the old Primus tune - "Pork Soda" now has a visual reference in my mind.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

A gear stuck in reverse or..

What me worry?
Did you ever get the feeling that something decidedly irreversible has taken place in your universe, without you actually knowing what, where, or when? This is a lot like your brain mixing up a cocktail of all the things that you do not need to think about and serving it up in a pretty martini glass for you to sip slowly over the course of an evening. You realize it's bad for you but no matter what you do to distract yourself, it's just sitting there right in front of you. Currently, I'm a bit exhausted. I really didn't sleep at all last night...I tossed and turned and never really fell asleep fully. I've had my head down and my nose to the grindstone lately, and I've made a LOT of progress in the studio so maybe my brain is just over-stimulated by that?

However, I thought I felt a disturbance somewhere in the little connected web that is my life over the past few days, I don't know what's as if something disappointing that will have a domino effect occurred, and now that cannot be reversed ? Yeah, I know. It could be nothing and maybe, I'm a freak. And not to be paranoid or a worrywort..but the part of me that says..What if something really is wrong and I ignore it? is now at a deafening level. And so, that said, whenever I do get that twinge that something feels "off" or wrong somewhere, it compels me to check in case it is. I always hope it's nothing, or at least if it is something, that I will get down to the truth and be able to offer some assistance.Now granted, I'm not such a nut that I think about such things on a global level or anything, since I know full well there are roving bands of idiots everywhere that can wreak havoc at any moment. So, when I get such gnawing gut-feelings I simply try to think of my most immediate people. My friends and family. And I make sure everyone is okay. So far = so good. That is just as long as everyone who I have been able to call or ask is being fully honest with me. And if not, it's still cool. I pretty much can tell when those close to me are masking something, even if I don't call them on it right away. Above all, I understand people sometimes need to work things out on their own first, and come to their own truths later on. I get that part totally.

I'm honest to a fault, and even brutally so at times. Maybe that's an East coast thing? And I am pretty certain that all of my closest people are comfortable with being as truthful as they possibly can be with me, and they know that I will do the same in return. Personally, I like it when people tell the truth to one another as if they are throwing punches in a fight to the death. Saves time really. I mean after all, it's just the truth, it's something you're supposed to be finding out anyway in life. It's the way in which we learn about ourselves, and find our strengths and/or weaknesses. It's the simple joy of that discovery sometimes and it's pure ecstasy for the brain. To me, all that is derived from any information communicated or given in it's basic simplicity from heart to mouth is what really = a perfect truth. It's up to destiny however, as to where, when and if you are going to learn such things or have such epiphanies about yourself or your relationships with those near and dear to your heart. I try to say what I mean, and mean what I say at all costs. And I love my friends and family for all their good qualities as well as their imperfect parts.

"In faith, i do not love thee with mine eyes, For they in thee a thousand errors note; But 'tis my heart that loves what they despise." — Shakespeare

To know a person is to love them, faults and all. I figured out some time ago that if you don't really know what a person loves or dislikes and why, then you don't actually know them at all. Part of the beauty of knowing someone is being able to recognize and categorize their actions. Like understanding maybe why they did this or that, and then eventually the other thing. I find that within the handful of these tight relationships I share with my tiny circle of friends, it fits together easily in my mind's eye. Much like a giant puzzle, and it all makes perfect sense right-away without any effort at all. In that instant of understanding, I realize that certain moments I share with the people closest to me are indeed extremely significant to my life on earth. I am thankful for each and every one. I've seen people re-evaluate their views of me based on my actions. And in their eyes, I've watched that understanding of who I am as their friend rise, and I've become of more value to them than I once was previously. Which has only made me love them all the more.  Once their estimate of me, my work or my friendship has risen, they'll feel it more important to better fit me into their scheduled lives. I'll do the same, and so the cycle goes on and on. Relationships grow and prosper in the balance. Or sometimes, when it's the reverse of this, if they cannot be mended once all the cards are on the table, then they must come to an end.

I believe as humans, part of the natural process of us getting older is that the more we are constantly judging, re-evaluating how we spend our time, and making sense of it all keeps us ascending towards a higher path of some sort. Organizing and prioritizing values - some rising way up on high, and others simply lowering to the bottom. It's a continuous process. I'll admit freely, (before anyone reading thinks this cold, or aloof of me) that I actually do this with people all the time. I used to give my time and heart to people much more freely than I do today. Perhaps that is just par for the course during the folly of our youth. These days, if I think someone will never see the immense worth and value I can be to them, then I leave for greener pastures, just as quickly as I came.

And I have to say maybe it is only because, as my time here on this earth passes me by, some days (as young as I am) I still feel there is not enough time to do it all in just this one lifetime. Our mortal life spans are limited only by their brevity and no grand moment or expression of love should be taken for granted, especially not those that so easily go towards those we care for. It took me living so far way from my immediate family for almost a decade. Sure, I miss some people being in my life on a daily basis, and I used to miss them so much it would make me downright heartsick. But these days, I just try to enjoy my time with my favourite people when they do come around, and I won't waste time further by bemoaning their absence when they are not around. I can never understand why some people waste their time and energy on those who do not deserve it, but that's only because I learned that one the hard way on my own. I also remind myself that I should not expect others see a person's worth so immediately as I might, or decide to cut the cord as readily as I would. Everyone is different and I guess it just takes time. Even Einstein said: "There are no priviledged points of reference in this universe." Bound by your own perspective, you will always judge others as relative to you.

Well, enough pondering..I've got to get back to painting something naughty.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Upcoming events and Holiday shows...

EVENT: Naughty or Nice Group Show.
CURATOR: Jasmine Worth
WHEN: Saturday, December 5th, 6 – 10pm
More details to come!

So as the Holidays emerge upon us once again there is the familiar old question? What to give? I always say, why not show off your good taste give the gift of Art?

In addition to the show mentioned above, I currently have graphic totes, prints, and a few original pieces of my work on display and available at Lestats in Normal Heights.

Also - My artwork from the 7 Deadly Sins Show at Junc Boutique is coming down in a day or so, and any remaining pieces will be back in my studio by the weekend and available for sale at that time. "Sister Vanity Pride" prints are still a mere $10.00 USD ea. Also, if there is anything you wanted from the show back then, but didn't speak up now is the time.

Have a great rest of the day people..I'm off to buy Art supplies at Blicks and enjoy a little tomato pie at one of the few Italian places that gets it right out here, good ol' Florencia's.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Select pieces from Saturday's show.

So the Un*it*y show and party Saturday night @ The Flame was a blast! There was not only some great art for a great cause, but I got to meet some really cool like-minded folks. I even sold a few of the smaller pieces (or minis) that I had the good sense to make in the last minute. It was nice to be able to contribute (albeit a small amount ) of proceeds from my sales, and I hope next time to have an even bigger portion to donate. As well, I'd bring more of my graphic totes, since the 2 that I did bring (as merely an after-thought for table filler) really seemed to go over well. A few patrons asked for them specifically after the first one sold. Wish I'd brought more.

So all this fun, and why no pictures for posterity you ask? Well, I had truly intended to post some, honest I did. But like a dumbkoff, I forgot my camera on the way out the door. Thus, the only pics I have at the moment are the ones I had shot for my own reference, just before packing up the pieces for load-in. Matt and I forgot the camera, but there were several photographers on hand at the event, so hopefully some images will trickle into my email so I can re-post them here.

*If anyone who was taking pics is checking in here, please feel free to comment, or contact me regarding any photos you may have snapped of the event, me or my display.

I wanted to mention also, that so many awesome Artists and Performers were at the event I didn't know where to look first! And once my table got busy I regret I didn't get a chance to check out everything on the other Artist's tables or talk with them as much as I'd have liked to. Of what I did manage to check-out in particular, there were some larger than life and really top-notch photography portraits done by Ally Sligh. Most if not all, I think were of other local San Diego Women Artists and Musicians. She not only managed to have the personalities of her photographed subjects (well the ones I knew or have spoken to at other events anyway) practically leap out at you from the frame, she was also the hard-working curator for the event. She really did a superb job picking talent for the show and I felt like I was in very good company alongside those in attendance.

Also, I must take a moment to say I was totally blown away by the works of local Artist Stacy D'Aguiar at Unreal Art
and you probably will be too. (check the link) Also, anyone in the market for particularly nifty and completely unusual wearable art , there were some really unique jewelry pieces there from Unstandard Deviations. Besides the great work these Artists (quite literally) brought to the table, they were all really down-to-earth and solid gals who I had a blast meeting and talking art-shop with.

Lastly, below are the prints I had done especially for the show. And a piece currently in progress that I brought with me to work on while there. It was inspired directly by the event itself and prints were made to commemorate the show. ("Defined By Love" - Kristina Deak ©2009) I'll also be sure to donate a print or piece for the raffle if I'm on the next gig. Hopefully, I'll be on board for the next scheduled group event with Un*it*y and I will have this completed for display and sale by then.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

If I only had a....

Admit, it you thought I was going to say: 'brain', right? Nope, no such luck. I was actually going deeper than that. Fact is, what I really want is more time - more hours for creating in a day. I'd love to be able to clone myself and have a Personal Assistant me for certain days of the week. (Right, as if being a Gemini multi-tasker wasn't enough already now there would be 4 of us to do the work.) And hey, my cloned-me would do the job just fine. I already know the 'boss' would love me, ha!

Just a quick picture and a scan of a little something still in progress, that I started yesterday. ("Packed With Pride" - 2009)

I've been really productive this week, and today looks pretty promising for getting stuff done as well. But whenever I look around there seems to be enough to do still that I stay busy instead of ever being finished with the little stuff: Like picking up my table from storage, grabbing prints/art supplies, then singing and numbering prints, bagging and tagging them for sale, etc., etc. I know it sounds like light work and/or boring ..but man.. I could live without the little bits to do. Not to be a whiner or anything, because I love what I do, and I look forward to all shows large and small as well as refilling any shops that carry my art, replenishing print stock or merchandising art on a wall, etc. However, while I know such tiny details don't take that much time, it all adds up eventually and subtracts from the amount of time I can be in my studio efficiently working on a new piece or finishing up an older one.

This is when my mind wanders into the "I'd sure love to have an assistant about now.." phase. And this is funny on so many levels, because when I held down a full-time day job (along with creating my art) back in N.J. , that day job for me was as a Personal Assistant for many years.I worked in both the Music Entertainment and variant Comics Publishing fields. Not mundane fields mind you, nor for the faint of heart in any way. Both full of lots of hustle and bustle action, each rife with plenty of demands. That said, I know what to expect of a decent Assistant and I'd probably demand a lot but I'd also be a very emphatic and appreciative boss. So if I had a good one, I know my work would flourish and benefit from the extra time and I could just concentrate on the creation of more artwork behind the ol' drawing board. Oh and while I'm wishing.. I want an Agent. One with good connections. Mmmm..yes. That would be nice also.

Well, let me dream if I want to. Le sigh. I'll snap-out-of-it here after another cup of coffee. And as soon as this is posted, I'm continuing with getting everything I need for set-up and display on Saturday and later, dropping off the last of the flyers at the Ken Club, doing the fun and oh-so-mortal ritual of laundry and the weekly grocery foraging. I know, it's all so glamourous.

Back to putting last-minute touches on a few pieces and taking care of tiny details before I head out today.I don't figure I'll be posting too much until after-show, but just wanted to make a quick post and also send a hearty Bon Voyage! out to a friend of mine as well today.



Tuesday, October 13, 2009


What? You mean everyone's sink doesn't get all gross and stained by paint periodically? And since I use my hands like a little craftsman Jr. 6 in 1 pocket knife for cub scouts, they don't look much better. It usually doesn't bug me, but this week my hands look pretty ratty, even for me. Don't even get me started on how badly I could use a decent manicure about now. I don't think I've been to get one officially in over a decade, mostly if I get the urge I just do-it-myself. I'm just obsessing a bit here because I've always had a thing for hands on other people. And right now mine are so dry from the turpenoid and other varnish supplies, that they look like they could belong to a ancient Mummy of some kind. Attractive, no?

Sorry for such bland, tasteless, or mildly flaccid entries and updates this week. I've been monumentally busy (which I like to be) and prepping for the show, doing a lot of painting, etc. I really am hoping for a nice turn-out this Saturday, it's for a very good cause.

In the CA Killed Me (and my dinner=fail) department: California style pizza pie is not even called a pie, and is NOT even remotely pizza, nor a tomato pie. Different bird entirely. Anyone who thinks that goat cheese, broccoli, and extra corn meal granules belong on a freakin' 'pizza' needs to be slapped and dropped off at the 2600 block at Broad St. in East Passayunk, or else transported back in time to when the old NYC chain Lombardi's was still in Philly.

Back to work for me,


Monday, October 12, 2009

ART SHOW & EVENT 10/17/09


OCTOBER 17th, 2009
From 9 PM- 2 AM

@ The Flame
3780 Park Blvd.
San Diego, CA

This is an EQUALITY FUNDRAISER. A percentage of proceeds and 20% of the sales from my artwork and prints will go to:

Equality CA
Marriage Equality USA
Californians Against Hate
San Diego Equality Campaign
San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality

U*NI*TY is a monthly event that brings the LGBTQ community & their allies together through Art+Music+Fashion+Dj's+Dance Crews+Live Performances.UNITY is for all communities: Artists, Musicians, Dj's, Dancers, & everyone in between willing to create UNITY.

DANCE PERFORMANCE by Afta Shock Dance Crew
MUSIC by dj Dirty KURTY
ART SHOW by Like a Fox
ART SHOW by Kristina Deak
..and others.

See you there,


Sunday, October 11, 2009

I've got a PJ song stuck in my head all day today..

Music Playlist at

..and that's a good thing. I often find her B-sides are quite the choice stuff, even if it is as rare as hen's teeth to find.


Saturday, October 10, 2009 the land of the dead

Being particularly close to Mexico, where All Hallows' Eve, All Saint's Day and All Soul's Day are collectively observed as "Los Dias de los Muertos" (The Days of the Dead) I have had the rare opportunity to really experience the event full-on. Being so close to the area that I've easily found so many celebrations right in San Diego, or else bought these nifty little decorations in Old Town and at other great places like Vintage Religion. It's slowly become a bit of a collection. Once upon a time, I was overjoyed to have found a little wooden skeleton in Philadelphia from a South Street specialty shop back in the early 90's. But that was during Halloween season, and content as I was at the time, I lamented that year round they had nothing else. Now come to think of it, compared to the vast array of goodies I have come across around here, I probably shouldn't even mention it.

As a kid, to me the thought of a 1970's or early 80's Halloween spent in the US just seemed to be more widely acceptable. Yeah, so we had waay crappier store-bought costumes than the kind out today. But still, if you were worth your weight in BB bats and Laffy Taffy, you knew if you put the extra effort in and made your own, you could easily spare yourself the embarrassment and escape such ultimate horrors like these. The houses and even entire neighborhoods just were decorated more vibrantly and were more consistently and regularly found on any given street than nowadays. I had mused that this could have been because I was a kid, and maybe I am remembering it all differently, but really? That's bunk, since I'm still such a big kid about Halloween that - that shouldn't effect my judgement. Thus, I've decided it isn't me. Each year Halloween in the US seems to get visibly pared-down and nearly quieted all together.
I am truly fascinated by how the Day of the Dead celebrations are so welcome in Mexico. And the way in which it is traditionally and nationally accepted there as a celebration (as much as say.. the 4th of July is here) really says something about America and the ever-increasing ability to associate immediate fear and revulsion with anything that even remotely mentions or iconic-ally symbolizes death. (Or egads! A Pagan based tradition.) In Mexico, so far as I can tell there is no such fear, only a celebration of respect and a fond remembrance of loved ones past. First and foremost, is a time when families honour and remember the deceased.Lit candles are everywhere. But it is also a time of major partying! Marked by dances and huge festivities, complete with live music, surreal parades of skeletons and ghouls all amid a backdrop of life and bright streaming colour. Every year in CA since about 2001 or so, I've been breaking this little ceramic tray out in October for decorating during El Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. While I was never particularly fond of the crude paint job after firing, the celebratory feeling is certainly illustrated there. And now that I am noticing so many cracks and chips I felt perhaps this year I should be satisfied enough to record a photo of it, just in case. I will as always be celebrating in one way or another.Either by baking, making a full ofrenda, or else if I am really busy? I simply light a few candles for remembering my loved ones and place them on this tray by the side door with some marigolds and a few cookies. (If anyone wants to have me light an extra votive for them just let me know.) As for the 'cookies' either Mr. Wilson or the neighborhood birds get the cookie crumbs by morning. Waste not want not.



Thursday, October 8, 2009

Funk Thursday..


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At first, I had thought my desire to get my funk on earlier in the day was due to a random act of implulse. However, upon further inspection, I bet it has a whole lotta something to do with having to try to correct the thing of horror that I could not block out properly from last week.

In review: While I was preparing for the show upstairs in my studio, it happened. Not only at the exact moment of my 'new & improved' spray fixative meltdown (which bled out and nearly ruined 4 canvasses) it was also when my next door neighbors decided to treat me to a very grunting and LOUD vocal glimpse into their love lives.Granted, the houses are really close together so sound bounces off the alley, and I'm pretty liberal, but it wasn't even remotely romantic to hear. Unless of course, wounded rhinoceros sex sounds good to you. In a word..gross. Their kids were even banging on the door yelling and asking such queries as: "Why is the door locked?!" and "Are you guys ok?" (Great parenting.)

And even though I had much bigger problems at that moment to be concerned with (like the canvas) it still invaded my brain. So I ran as far away from all the grunting as possible and tried to salvage my work in the dining room downstairs. Luckily, part-way through I got a call from a friend who talked me down and the pieces went into the show just fine. I thought that was the end of it. But I guess it took root in my mind and needed to be re-written with the sexy sounds of Chaka Khan and Rufus to set that mental picture straight for me again.

As a kid I vividly recall seeing Chaka Khan in a white leather outfit on the Mike Douglas show. I never lost hold of that memory and can imagine dancing along to all the TV variety shows with Tina Turner & the Ikettes in fringe and glitter too. In all those Midnight Special, Don Kirshner's Rock Convert, Soul Train (loved the animated train segment at the beginning) and various other clips I always thought that Tina Turner and Chaka Khan were the most beautiful black women on the planet. How I loved to hear them sing or admire the outfits they wore onstage. I guess at such a young age, that innocently seemed to be the definition of what sexy would mean to me. Goes to show all these years later that I still feel the same way about these two powerhouse female singers. Thank you ladies for setting the groove right again.

Here's a great clip of "Tell Me Something Good" - live. Watch how Chaka throws down the vocals in the thrid verse. Passionate, flawless and smooth precision all the way.

And for any of you that ever called and got my old answering machine back in the late 90's, you might have heard a little of this classic gem shine through in the background. Hey, what better sentiment to leave on an answering machine message than "Tell Me Something Good?"

The classics never die.