Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random Candelabra

I have no idea why I keep forgetting to post about this or mention it to anyone, but about 2 and a half weeks ago after discussing a group show with a friend of mine over coffee I found THIS...

It was simply lying there in the road on my way home. I don't know if it fell off a moving truck, was a yard sale toss-away or what, but I thought it was nifty. I didn't see anyone around whom it might belong to sooo..


Liberace ... in 'da house, baby.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pics from Saturday's Show.

A very special heart-felt thanks to my friend and fellow Artist Jasmine Worth for displaying her fine art and handiwork alongside me at the UN*IT*Y fundraiser show at The Flame on Saturday. It was a very full attendance event (over 400 people) and it got so HOT in there that someone's hair even caught on fire! (I know this is true, because we smelled the burning!) Art for a good cause!

Here are some pics of the two of us and our table on the main stage. The mirorred curtains kinda reminded me of a 70's themed Carrie-esque prom, but hey, that's just the way my horror-movie-reference-laden brain works.

The table view in part.. (My wares are to the left-hand side of the pic - Jasmine's to the right and in the pic below.)

A close-up shot of Jasmine's fantastic Art and handmade items on display...some currently availiable at her etsy store by the way. Her prints are amazing, and the necklaces truly unique and well-crafted. I also suggest one of the hand-held pocket mirrors featuring her art for the practical gal-on-the-go. (I simply adore mine!)

A special thanks to my Performance Artist pal Helaine and Martha from JUNC for stopping by to show their support of the local arts scene and donate to the benefit as well. Their presence and support was much appreciated.

I can't say thanks enough to each of you for coming out.



Sunday, February 21, 2010

Do you reject Satan and all his evils?


Unless of course, my friends are all going to meet up at the Gates of Hades. Then I'd have to seriously reconsider.

There is a great scene (well okay, several great scenes) in Tim Burton's movie : Ed Wood. The one where Ed gets all of his wacky pals together for a Baptism in a swimming pool somewhere in Hollywood.

Well, although I'm not making a monster movie, super-natural thriller, or anything like that - I am following my artistic notions and trying to share my vision with others. That said, I just had a moment recently where (during a bizarre and uncomfortable scene) I looked around the room at my friends and couldn't help but think of that bit from the film. I felt just as blessed, and definitely sure that I have supportive, wonderful, people around me. Ones who will endure the ridiculous and go through most anything for me, and the artistic visions we share together.

Thanks guys.You know who you are. And I love you for it.


(Me- Winter 2010 - outside The Flame in San Diego.)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Upcoming ART shows...

& UN*IT*Y this Saturday night! The fundraiser Show for Mama's kitchen is this Saturday night at the Flame from 9 PM-2AM. Come out and show your support for local Art, and give to a great cause in the process! Event tickets at the door are $10.00 or bring a donation of 2 canned goods and get $5.00 off admission price.

And I am also thrilled to announce I will be a part of the next event at JUNC Boutique, curated by Jasmine Worth. The show theme is Edgar Allen Poe inspired, featuring several local Artist's illustrations of classic Poe tales and poetry. Details are below:


Monday, February 15, 2010


I am pleased to announce that Jasmine Worth and I will be showing at the 1 year Anniversary Party and UN*IT*Y ART SHOW. This a live event with several local artists and vendors displaying their finery for sale. Stop by the table and say hello.

WHERE: @ The FLAME in San Diego.

*Resident DJ Dirty Kurty
*Plus - SVEDKA Vodka Hosted Bar !!

The UN*IT*Y fundraiser party for MaMa's Kitchen will include live Music, Art for sale, raffles, and a Fashion Show too.The event is sponsored by In2UEvents and the ticket Price is $10* - with proceeds from Artist tables and the door to benefit Ma Ma's Kitchen. Also, Mama's Pantry Food Bins will be available to collect canned or dry goods. *BRING IN 2 CANNED FOOD ITEMS and get 1/2 off the price of admission!

SVEDKA HOSTED BAR - 9-10pm.-seriously FREE for 1 HR!!

I think it's a great way to spend your Saturday night out. And while not only supporting a good cause, you can also enjoy a sampling of fantastic local art and music all under the same roof.

Hope to see you there,

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Heart day..

Hope everyone out there is spending it doing whatever they love to do best. I'm heading over to hit the Asian markets today because I always have a great time there. Plus, I find each time I leave with a warm and fuzzy feeling after being bombarded by all that cute-sy Japanese package art and crazy Engrish translations on some of the packages.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Upcoming U*NI*TY ART SHOW - FEB. 20th!

I will be showing at the U*NI*TY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY...

WHERE: @ The FLAME in San Diego.

ART SHOW - with over 20 artists displaying their finery. Stop by my table and say hello.This is a fundraiser for MaMa's Kitchen with live Music, Art for sale, and a Fashion Show.

SVEDKA Vodka Hosted Bar !!