Thursday, July 30, 2009

Walking in LA

It seemed to me only fitting after my last visit to LA taking place during the PJ Harvey concert (on the summer solstice) that my return to there would also fall around a day such as this, approaching the first harvest. How fortunate am I that in both cases I get to spend them in the company of a Goddess?

Days like this I love my life. Hopefully pictures to follow, but I can't promise anything because I might be having too much fun.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

A quickie post...

The circus that is CCI/SDCC - or the beast otherwise known as San Diego Comic Con is about to leave town. And since today is the last day and the entire week actually has been filled with many cosmic moments and good times with people near and dear to my heart, most of the time I was too busy to take my own pictures. Somehow all the frames are just treasured mental snapshots and perhaps sometimes that is best. I will have to share more thoughts later in the week. Gotta decompress from the sensory overload, you know? So just a quick post this morning:

Looking back now, I can say that attending cons as a girl during the late 70's and later in my early 20's - it was pretty much the frontier days of conventions for women in attendance. From my own perspective the guy to girl ratio was highly imbalanced. (on the East coast in the late 80's to early 90's, it seemed this way.) It was a far different world than it is today, or when at any given con you may have only seen a dozen or less girls (sans booth babes) across the convention floors. And the best quote I have ever heard to sum this experience up actually came to me last year, and fell from the lips of this lovely and wise lady pictured with me above. She said quite simply and eloquently : "We were pioneers."