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Upcoming Art show
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First art outing of 2009 and boy, this is going to be a great one! While I might participate in one of the workshops, I'm not doing any submissions. The focus isn't really a one-man show or even based on one artist works, but more so the art of the fanzine and the entire creative collective. My dear friend Helaine is a Student involved in this show and is an active performance artist in San Diego.Some of you might have seen her recent and stellar performance at the Prop 8 rally. Anyway it should be a blast and full of nostalgia and punk ephemera!


ZINES! (re)make history

February 3-26th - from 6-8 PM..(Gallery closed February 16th)
Mira Costa College (Matt's old alma matter - haha)

Co-organized by the delightfully sassy Kim "Riot" Schwenk

Having participated via art submissions to various zines in the 80's and 90's I've been looking to find some of my prior work both in my archives and online but to no avail. Their distribution was all too small-scale, and perhaps too underground to have entered the digital age via archives. How's that for staying oldskool? I know a small handful were in South America. I was friends with a few underground bands, acquainted with a couple managers and journalists during this phenomena back in the 80's and 90's. So I'm trying to locate a few of them online. But despite the technology of the internet era, we've somehow all lost touch. ( Internet killed the fanzine star - just like video killed the radio star perhaps?) In the process of my search I did find a few old friends and acquaintences and that's an amazing and wonderful random gift.

So funny how my life has been all about re-connecting with my past lately.

I've not really thought much about my artwork from those days since. But basically, for this show I wanted to run off some of the old vintage copies and contribute them to the collective by leaving them with Helaine to pass along to Kim and distribute free- and freely- as examples of the medium. Because since the show is about the celebration of the zine, I thought that the act of passing those out would would truly be in vein of the old skool style flyer and zine hand-outs. But sadly, I can't find any of worth to submit to her so far. RATS.

I spoke to Helaine about the show just this past Friday and I mentioned that I may be bringing some things if I can get them in time.She felt it could definitely go over well. Perhaps I can submit these to the collection, or otherwise I'll just bring some old paste-up clippings for the workshop. We shall see. Pics to follow.

F*ckin shit up old skool style..*


P.s.- * Actually I'm full of it , after sifting thru the archives I plan on watching some sci-fi and taking a nap this afternoon.

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