Monday, October 4, 2010

Show pics from JUNC 10/2/10.

What a great turnout! I love that some dressed perfect for the occasion, simply by being themselves and/or finding something from their own wardrobe or the boutique itself. I had a chance to break out my Bat Attack LIP SERVICE outfit with a bustier from the lovely Shelley deadgothgirl and the cincher/skirt combo from the awesome eBay seller: stevefuel.

So many wonderful pieces in the show, as usual I was blown away by curator Jasmine Worth's work ("Plum Mother") and also Vanessa Leman's talents. This time it was her version of "Lillith" that took my breath away. Check the Joe Linsner piece "White Wings" with the masterful use of dark and light contrast shading. It's a great feeling to be showing in such good company. These pieces will be up for a few weeks if you missed the opening reception. Shots from the Release the Bats Group Show including the art mentioned above and my own piece are all here in my Bats Group Show FB album.

Thanks to Jasmine, Jeffrey, Martha, Dewey and everyone who made it out. Such a fun night.



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