Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How does your garden grow?

How I love this rare and heavy rain we are having the past few days! In a desert-dry canyon area like So Cal, the sound of the rain helps remind me everything is growing and some spots of my beloved green will soon be here again. Or at least, they are getting a fair chance to, even in the barren dry parts of the West. However, it also makes me wonder. You can carefully choose and plant the right seeds, nurture them, etc. and after the rains fall, then you simply wait the proper amount of time. Right? All the while, having faith and expecting that something surely will grow or come up one season or another. But if your ground isn't prepared and cleared to begin with when you start, how sure are you that it is going to bud, bloom or come up as anything at all but very-well pampered mud? Despite how much you've toiled away or invested. Hmmm...

Yeah, I don't know either. Too many questions today. Not enough answers. And sometimes the present is as likely important as the past, as to where your future is going to land you on a path you want to be traveling on. It's about time, it's about space, steps and placement too. Much like art and also relationships. Spontaneous as I am, I still like to think that I exercise some sort of caution in both, and am realistic in my expectations of either. It doesn't mean I don't end up disappointed at times over what I have invested or else compromised. Sometimes what we end up anticipating and longing for is something far different than what reality conjures up. And because I like to think big, and go into things with all my heart...yep...sometimes that = kablooey! For better or worse.
Creatively speaking, I've been a bit barren lately. I've got to get a better grip on my productivity this week, and stop thinking too far ahead of myself in many aspects of my life. I don't like wasting time or energy. And the present is most important right now to utilize efficiently if I forsee any kind of positive future for my Art, or myself. I need to focus better and concentrate on getting things done that I can be more specific about and sure of, and that I know are solid foundations to be committed to working on. Funny how the solution to combating that counter-productive feeling for me is always 'invest in the work.' Or in other words: tend your own garden. Only you can tell the vines from the buds best and clear away whatever is strangling any potential new growth.

But enough pondering about that, here are some pics of playtime instead. Pics from the Asian Bistro the other night. In this shot (L to R) Helaine, Patti and I.

And on the same night, while he couldn't make it over to the Bistro my extraordinary pal the Great Randali was doing his thing in Anaheim at the NAMM Con. (* Just mere seconds after this pic, the shredding of the tiny star commenced it exploded into a supernova shower of glitter and splinters all over the Daisy guitars booth!)

So for everything I can say do not know with any certainty in this world, there are some things I do know. And I have to say, although only a few are pictured here in this entry there are other fantastic Artists, friends and a couple neighbors often found within my world that I blog about here. I am equally blessed and pleased to have some really wonderful and colourful characters in my West Coast garden. I've picked that bouquet wisely and treasure it daily without hesitation.And there is always great music swirling around too. Something else to be grateful for.


(Photo credits: M. Marti/M.Rocchio/Me.)

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