Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pics from Saturday's Show.

A very special heart-felt thanks to my friend and fellow Artist Jasmine Worth for displaying her fine art and handiwork alongside me at the UN*IT*Y fundraiser show at The Flame on Saturday. It was a very full attendance event (over 400 people) and it got so HOT in there that someone's hair even caught on fire! (I know this is true, because we smelled the burning!) Art for a good cause!

Here are some pics of the two of us and our table on the main stage. The mirorred curtains kinda reminded me of a 70's themed Carrie-esque prom, but hey, that's just the way my horror-movie-reference-laden brain works.

The table view in part.. (My wares are to the left-hand side of the pic - Jasmine's to the right and in the pic below.)

A close-up shot of Jasmine's fantastic Art and handmade items on display...some currently availiable at her etsy store by the way. Her prints are amazing, and the necklaces truly unique and well-crafted. I also suggest one of the hand-held pocket mirrors featuring her art for the practical gal-on-the-go. (I simply adore mine!)

A special thanks to my Performance Artist pal Helaine and Martha from JUNC for stopping by to show their support of the local arts scene and donate to the benefit as well. Their presence and support was much appreciated.

I can't say thanks enough to each of you for coming out.




Jasmine Worth said...

I need a better pic of the Goat Mirror! Want to take one for me? :D

Blog for Light is the New Dark - Studio said...

Of course! I'd be happy to. I'll have a few to you by the weekend to choose from.