Thursday, December 2, 2010

Powerful clip - powerful song. Even minus the heavy hitting drum and full on guitar assault, this acoustic version (although not as heavy as the LP track) still packs a mighty wallop! Her stage presence and voice is so powerful all at once, that it just really magnifies the lyrics and intensifies the delivery.

I have always found this song and Skin (Deborah Dyer) both a joy to listen to, and also highly motivational. Not only in her choice of lyrical content, but that often in songs the message is one of introspection, self-trust, self-respect, empowerment, and strength to overcome.

Ex: "A circle of angels deep in war, 'cause I wanted you..Weak as I am no tears for you.."

Whether or not these lyrics are based on personal struggle, past mistakes, or just merely an invented scenario themed to create a mood in a song? Either way it works. Weak enough to make mistakes, strong and smart enough not to dwell on it, or cry over spilt milk.That is what I gather from it as a listener.

It's always good to have something to turn to that helps you find your bootstraps. For me, that's always been art first and music a close second. It's songs like this make me want to get behind a mic again - and even if could not throw down the powerhouse vocals like this, it sure would be a nice exorcism.


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