Monday, April 12, 2010

Bursting and full to the brim...

Ah, yes waking up with tremors and aftershocks as my new bed partners.."Oh, how I loathe thee."Anyway, since that's becoming the daily norm, I just thought I'd mention it.

On to better things. I am extremely pleased to note that in the last few days, a couple of my fellow art friends have called me from the road, or their new residences on the East coast to share their experiences with me. It is an exciting time for both my friends, despite where they are on their creative paths as Artists, or for that matter, where they are in their lives and careers. Despite the age differences, or the body of work leading up to this moment, it is a time of rebirth, becoming and new beginnings...of endless possibilities. For some, there is the discovery of new places and opportunities, others are considering the unexplored territory within the familiar realms. It's all about choices, but I can see that both of them are ready to burst forth and creatively grow as Artists. I can hear these rich experiences translated via their words and almost feel the electricity bouncing from their brains during these conversations.

It is so wonderful to know that those close to me are receiving such enlightenment, and encouragement in their work and it gives me great inspiration to hear them share this re-telling also. I have said more than once: "2009 was a heavy and trying year." And that if you endured it, puts one at the precipice of something that can only lead to a major crossroad. One full of greater possibilities via our choices made. They key is to choose wisely, but not stand still for too long in hesitation. I feel that 2010 is going to be a very good landmark year for many of us, and so far I think I am on to something there. These are the simple things that when I hear them resonate so strongly, make me sure I have indeed chosen the right occupation for myself as well.

It truly does feel as if the spirit of Spring is literally upon us.

Even in my daily walks around the neighborhood I have been drinking in the gorgeous visual signs of this. I'll leave you with some photos taken during my walks over the last few weeks:



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