Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nowhere to run.

Ok. So insomnia is something I've dealt with literally, since I was a child. However am so OVER this tremor, aftershock, earthquake-bullshit thing making me lose sleep on top of it. Sure, like most people. I've been feeling the smaller ones, even last week during the day (some Wednesday and also on Thursday.) but even though I had a full day and was tired last night I still could not get to sleep. I had laid there nearly 2 hours fully awake and unable to sleep. I felt uneasy and a little nauseous. So I went into the bathroom and while sitting there, sure enough, now a little after 2 AM - WAP! Another one.I felt the whole foundation of the house rumble and there was a quick shift like the floor just split, and then nothing. This was a fairly quick one in comparison to last Sunday, nothing falling from shelves, and not anything like that one was at all. Not as heavy, or long, but still. I got to my feet a few minutes after sitting there still and in wait. I checked the internet afterwards and there was nothing yet. I was like, am I crazy? No I felt THAT. So this morning I found a few bits of info.

So I do finally get to sleep afterwards, yeah. But still? "Nuts to this shit."

I don't know what's going to happen, everyone keeps saying the old Almanacs and even the new technology states May is the month to watch. I don't want to give into the paranoia, but hey..when the earth is freakin' moving? ok..yeah. I really think something is up and I do not want to be here for it. On a humorous note, I'm totally breaking out my California Killed me shirt today - last years awesome Birthday gift from Helaine and Randali.


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