Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eastertime earthquake!

Nothing like a nice 6.9 7.2 hitting nearby to remind you you are truly living in Southern, CA. More proof that Mother Earth is NOT happy..

Baja was the first report as it's location, and later it was confirmed it's epicentre was recorded as being in Calexico and one of the worst in decades to hit the region.

This was the longest I've ever felt one last, and the one full of the most sway. I even lost a few things from shelves and saw the ceiling fixtures rock. Damn, how I miss the nice, normal terrential rains and sideways storms of the East.The first largest one I experienced was maybe around 2001 or so, and I was hiking at the time.They sure feel a lot weirder when experienced while indoors. Before and afterwards, these things always make me nauseous and get even my goat stomach queasy.Gah.
GAWD! HOW do you CA people get used to this shit?!!?

Ironically, this all happened while I was on the phone with my Mom and family in N.J., and I was about to go for a nice Springtime walk outdoors afterward. The dog seized the opportunuty to swipe a stuffed toy and some Easter candy off the table in all the confusion. Little f*cker. I guess he figured if the end was nigh, at least he was going to go out with a mouthful of goodies in tow.

All is ok here, just wanted to make a quick post to my East coast people who may not have spoken to me today.
Waiting, (albeit nervously) for the aftershocks...


Update: Felt some mild aftershocks and finally after not being able to sleep I was awake for rest of the larger portion of the quake in the wee hours.Then after about 5:40 AM I finally collapsed into some kind of nauseous sleep.

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