Sunday, August 16, 2009

Devil may care

This is one of those contemplative sort of days for me.The kind of introspection I'd wager all form of Artists and creative persons succumb to now and again. I've come to realize that any pain I subject myself to is self-chosen, despite fate handing it over to experience in the form of emotions, events and circumstances. And I process the data and utilize my artistic skills and creative prowess to work through such experiences.It pulls it into this world.Thus turning it from a mere emotion-provoked thought or feeling into tangible, earthly matter. Pretty realistic, no? And it's my chosen 'yob' as an Artist to do so. But some days, I wonder about the concept of a parallel universe (or universes?) a little too much perhaps. Or maybe I just read too many old comics and graphic novels?

Well, the rest of the world can don their masks, feed upon themselves and cause all matter of misdeed and "evil" for happiness, position or material gain, well-maintained appearances, etc. (insert a motivation of your choice as I am just generalising here.) But I know the facts as this: My heart tells me where to go and what to do. We can't control other people's actions, but we can control our own. Most of the time we end up breaking our own hearts the worst anyway, and it's just human nature for us to blame it on another person or event, timing, society, or the world itself.

I exist (physically) in this world and reality, but I find I sometimes can imagine I live within two. (perhaps more?) The one where the threat or fear of death doesn't mean anything to me and everything is connected...and the one where fate and time control (conduct) the ticking balance of just how many days we have on this rock to make a difference, or be fulfilled and happy in life. Essentially, these are the same thing in so many ways. Why not be fearless about it all?

Maybe it's a Gemini thing to wonder about duality? For me it's simple. I take risks and believe I choose to live like an emotional daredevil most days because I'm fully aware my heart rules my actions more than most peoples do.I'm at peace with it. I find I live my life to the fullest in this way, and I don't want to put any filters on it. I'm a courageous gambler in the sense I'm old enough to not give a damn what most people think. We've all got one foot in the grave anyway, so what's stopping us from truly living or being happy besides our fear of change or physical loss in this limited realm?ø!

"Let the stars ignite."

Hey, if nothing else all this contemplation should make for a nice piece(s).


(P.S. - For those who might not realize this, *note that the old Fumetti/Zora La Vampira horror image is not my artwork.)

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