Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lost & Found

I was editing some photos from the L.A. trip and Winchester house, when I randomly came across a folder with a couple cell phone shots from the Casbah. Taken at the stroke of midnight on May 14 going on the 15th of 2007. What an amazing show that was! You know, sometimes I forget just how long I've been listening to them and how much I really dig the Meat Puppets. This find was a nice reminder to throw on a couple of songs and dig-in. Sure, there's a myriad of songs to enjoy from these guys, but I've always loved this one for the upbeat melody and lyrics. (as well as that great little bass riff at the beginning and in the middle.)

A picture of a goddess
Of a planet in the window
Through a tiny hole in the giant curtain
I have watched while it stood undressing
I want more, more eyes
I want to see more lies..

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