Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mantis for a friend.

A couple days into the start of August I made
"White Mantis with Orchids" as a THANK YOU gift for my very talented pal Dr. Ann. The Kanji script within, to the best of my research translates to "healer" - or more specifically, referring to the physician's use of hands in the healing process, etc. It is said to be an honourable gesture to bestow this script to one who practices the healing arts or is a medical professional. And I highly recommend her services to all. You can view her website and even sign up for her email list/newsletter by visiting her Healing Orchid site.

This little one is taking a journey by air (via USPS) to her shortly so I hope the trip is smooth. I always worry quite a bit when I send something of mine like this out in the hands of the US mail. After the P.O. visit, I plan to camp out at the coffee shop and do a little sketching - anything outside of the noisy atmosphere created by my immediate neighbors will suffice. Besides, I awoke with the feeling that a productive day is about to begin - damned if I'll let anything stop that from being a reality.


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