Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Scenes around town Halloween night.

Sorry I have been so lax on the posts and updates lately .I've been really busy with artwork projects, and well that crazy little thing called life. Here are some shots from a group pool of the Gaslamp district and then some more shots from the always happening and fun Asian Bistro I snapped on on Halloween night. I liked the pink Rosie the Riveters all guy division, but sadly I have no idea if that was what they were aiming for or not. It's just the way my mind saw it.

Whole Lotta Rosies?


I didn't wear a costume, but I pretty much think the other 364 days I do should count for something, haha. I hadn't actually planned on even going out after some of my previous Halloween plans fell through. And instead I enjoyed spending a good part of the night chatting with one of my close pals on the phone. So, in the last minute when Matt and I decided to head out, I just pulled together a vintage outfit from my closet. Along with some brown vintage zodiac boots, a velvet bustier and choker I made out of a deconstructed old Bill Blass Designer gown.A vintage gown style I believe they tried to do a re-vamp of in 2007. The entire ensemble was however in fall colours and my jacket was from the early 70's which was very fitting for an October evening out on the town. I guess if anyone asked me what I was dressed up as I'd have to say, 1974.

Below:The vintage neon dragon marquee of the Asian Bistro and the ever effervescent Patti, my favourite restaurant owner/hostess/Proprietress extraordinare in all of San Diego. She was so busy I hardly had a chance to snap this, and she literally spun around and was caught in this shot by my flash. It was funny to see her choice of dress was a witch, and I told her she was undoubtedly a good witch. All of her waiters and waitresses were dressed up too: Mickey Mouse, a Luau Zombi, and even the bus people were dressed up. She is just a fun-loving gal that way and I know her employees totally adore her free-spirit.

Sailor and a Pink Pimp.
Seriously, the most rhythmical-y challenged Prince ever.

And this couple had my favourite outfit of the evening! As soon as I saw them enter the room and pass by my dinner table I wanted to ask to take a picture of them. However, I had waited until after the meal to approach them to politely ask so it shows "Fu" sans the Manchu in this shot. (It had been a bit cumbersome during the meal I was told, and it was removed along with the face make up.) So this was pretty much the end of the night for the span of their outfits and they still looked great. I had first noticed them outside waiting for a table. (Patti's place was jammed that night!) They really kept in character and during their wait and conversations with other patrons out front of the Bistro, I noted that the Geisha fanned her face, hiding her mouth slightly when she spoke or smiled. So demure! And Fu Manchu kept fondling the beard and raising the painted brows in a very contemplative manner.I thought that was just perfect to go along with the outfit. I feel badly I didn't catch their names either.

Good times..


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