Monday, November 23, 2009

When I am to bee Queen...

..or "I'm covered in bees!" are just a couple of phrases that come to mind for me today. Some of you may recall my old myspace blog entry from waay earlier in the year when honeybees (Hmmm...or were they?) aggressively decided to build a home in the grill of our very actively-in-use car. The hive was massive and seemed as if it were built in just one afternoon. Now, you can call it too many childhood memories of 1970's killer bee flicks, but I was real skeptical about if in fact, they were in fact dreaded killer bees instead. However, that mystery was never solved. Mainly since I couldn't get an Entomologist to come out on a Holiday weekend to determine it for sure and that I had to rid our driveway of thousands of dead bees before they got tracked into the house. (Yuk) I don't know why the possibility that bees could be at it again had had not dawned on me earlier, since they seem to take up residency near to me like there's no tomorrow. And especially since over the last few weeks I had been hearing this odd but faint humming noise on the 2nd floor. Some of you may have heard me mention it over the phone in casual conversation. I'd even found a few dead yellow jackets in the hall. Today, I found this little guy on my windowsill this morning and decided to investigate further.

I guess to me the funniest thing about it all is that Sunday, quite ironically I had decided to put on Roger Corman's WASP WOMAN in the background while working. Simply, because I enjoy the comforting nostalgia of a Sunday afternoon where the sound of old horror movies fill the air. Well, today I have come to find the weirdness just keeps on coming.

Uh huh. Of course, the window is right next to my bed. Honestly, it's rather hard to explain in these macro pics just how massive these hives actually are. I wasn't getting close enough to take better scale pics, but to give you an idea, those halves are each about the size of regulation basketball or better. The shots are taken from the ground floor. No wonder the humming is audible so near to my window when the sliding glass is open. A tad bit frightening to know just a thin wire-mesh screen all that lies between me and the occupants of the hive.

Anyway, getting back to the Wasp Woman flick.. Now any given time that I have seen it, I always come away with the feeling that it's just so damn fun to watch. What's best about watching it today as an adult, is that now I know about just how scary getting older is for a woman, and added to having knowledge about the actual weirdness of Susan Cabot's real life truly makes it a horror movie.

In short, (no pun intended) At 37, she had given birth to a son with dwarfism, and who was placed on human growth hormone (HGH). In 1986, he supposedly ended up murdering her, and after police arrived on scene, he blamed it on a Latino dressed as a Japanese ninja, who had attacked them both with his "ninja methods" - Seriously. Roman eventually confessed to matricide, and said he had bludgeoned his Mother to death with a weightlifting bar-bell.He was subsequently charged with murder. She's buried in Culver City, Los Angeles County, California and her plot is in Sunland Gardens, wall crypt C, space # 242. According to Wikipedia at present her grave is unmarked due to neglect. And her "sole memorial is an unreadable, withered and crumbling label that spells out less than half her name." Sad, but I don't know if that is actually true, since I tend to be iffy about citing Wiki as a good reliable source.

Here is a trailer of the 1959 Corman classic:

Damn, that's a hard-ass 23. Must have been all that "fantastic desire."

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