Monday, March 29, 2010

Images from the Midnight Dreary Show 03/27/10

Wonderful Show @ JUNC on Saturday night in South Park. If you missed it, well all I can say is what a shame for you! I had so much fun and so many laughs.A few of us really got into the spirit of the show by dressing up in period attire to compliment the pieces and the overall show theme. The night really seemed to zip past. Viewing gorgeous work, meeting like-minded new people and carousing with friends,discussing art, plus shopping and a little wine.. well what more can you ask for? I'll let the pics do the talking.

Our lovely Curator, the talented Artist Jasmine Worth in this pic -

Just hours before embarking on her NYC journey, my wonderful pal & Performance Artist: Helaine Gawlica paid us a visit to show her support. (miss you already doll.)

Matt , (who helps me at my shows) with Jasmine and I.

My coffee-shop buddy Seth and I. (Thanks for coming out!)

Artists: Faith Lindley, Jasmine, and Vanessa Lemen.

Jeff and Dewey of JUNC.

Sharon (Dewey's Mom) and I enjoying a moment while discussing art & gardening.

Art patron and shopper happily perusing the wares at Junc.

I also had to include a shot of the gown Jeff designed for his label LAGO - a breath taking, sequined, stunner.

And on to the ART!

Jasmine Worth's grouping of pieces.

Kristina Deak (me) - "Sad French Girl" (Mini print on canvas)

Kristina Deak - "Ligeia" and "Ligeia's Apparition in the Bridal Chamber"

Faith Lindley's amazing "Ligeia" portrait.

Kelly Vivanco's - "Little Silver"

Brett J. Barrett

Stacy D'Aguiar's fiercesome dragon seems right at home on the walls at JUNC!

Two by Lindey Ivey.

James Geiger.

Kim Schwenk's "Annabel Lee."

One of three gorgeous pieces from Vanessa Lemen - too bad, I couldn't photograph the other two good enough to post them due to my flash.

James Ivey.

..and a ram-tastic belt at Junc I was admiring.

Aftershow: Finishing it up at the Asian Bistro in Hillcrest with Patti and the Kim's. Patti's mad mock-duck dish was a real hit with the vegetarians at the table!

Life is good, and I for one feel blessed to be in such good company. Thanks to all who came out to show their support.Can't wait for the next Junc show!



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