Thursday, March 4, 2010

South Park Walkabout reminder..

And because after all I'm a girl, I sometimes like to talk about girly things like shopping. I had planned to go off in this entry about my $13 worth of blissful haul that I got at the Asian Market last night, and my little Ram trinket box from (thanks to Jasmine for the recommendation on that little guy) but instead I'd like to talk some Junc.

Fashion junkie that I am, I still like to create my own looks on an individual level. So I often combine vintage thrift shop finds with custom made or newly bought boutique and designer items. Do I still wish GAMMA GAMMA, the now-defunct TUK UK , Plasticland and my pal Laura's old place The Assembly were still here in SD? Sure. But luckily we have great shops like The Crypt, and JUNC to uphold that tradition and keep my fashion needs satiated. Yay! That said, when I do buy new, I'm fussy. And not only do I like to support local shops, I prefer a unique neighborhood store to a shopping mall outlet any day! I LOVE a good sales event too!

I nabbed some killer Quipid® Victorian styled boots in black at the last one, and a wonderful Decmember Diamonds® Aquatini Mermaid as a gift for a buddy of mine over the holidays. The joint has everything! Virtually something for everyone and it truly is one of the most unique retail stores and gallery venues left in San Diego. No surprise it was Voted best retail store role model in City Beat 2009.
The shop owner Jeffrey Parish hand selects the most fantastic clothing and accessories with an eye for detail and a sharp focus on not only the well-known design house names, but the independent Designer and local Artist as well. The inventory is always fresh, with ever changing creative displays and new merchandise. As is the case with all the best small-sized retail shops and galleries, they sometimes carry just one of each size.Therefore, with such limited quantities, they really do feature items you just don't see plastered on everyone else. So that way you never walk out of there worrying that you'll see your recent fashion purchase coming and going on another person.The staff is great, super friendly and knowledgeable.

lt takes me right back home to the small Philadelphia shops and design house boutiques in Old City and on South Street. The look of the shop is eclectic and definitely all it's own, but the feel celebrates the original vibe present in the East Villiage boutiques of NY.
PLUS!! There's local ART on the walls from some of my friends as well as some of my own! (Squeeek!) I couldn't feel more at home there if I tried. You should totally check out both the sale and the South Park Walkabout as well as the Midnight Dreary Show at JUNC on March 27th.

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