Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big News on the local front..

congratulate |kənˈgra ch əˌlāt; -ˈgrajə-|
verb [ trans. ] To give (someone) one's good wishes when something special or pleasant has happened to them . ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: from Latin congratulat- ‘congratulated,’ from the verb congratulari, from con- ‘with’ + gratulari ‘show joy’ (from gratus ‘pleasing’ ).

I was going to blog today about current projects, upcoming March shows and include a bit about some great fun I had over the weekend. But later for that. Today's biggest and best news spotlight belongs to my dear friend, and student of Performance Studies at UCSD/Performance Artist Helaine !

It's nice when the world sees what you have to offer and takes an interest. But, I also feel a great sense of balance and order in the world when it happens to notice one of my friends and their artistic visions. Helaine has been accepted into the 2010 EMERGENYC program at NYU!

I am proud to have been privy thus far and to bear witness to her creative journey. And I am elated to report that after seemingly endless studies, much toiling and endurance, that all her hard work and dedication to her craft has paid off.

I will miss knowing she's just around the corner from me. And on a local-level, the San Diego local art scene is surely going to miss her. However, I am quite certain NYC is never going to be the same after her visit. Please join me in congratulating and wishing her well on her artistic journey.

(Inset photo above: Helaine and I at JUNC - 11/2009)

On a personal note of Kudos: "Helaine, may your art always be larger than life and your appetite to create insatiable! Oh - and if you run into Yoko tell her I love her. Or maybe, just tear up some grapefruit in front of her or something."
"In La Noia we trust...K~"


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