Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Full speed ahead..

Just a quick shot taken during a little pre-show shopping and prep over the weekend. Gotta love the Warhol quote, and I'm happy to show off the wooden frame I'm holding. What a find! It has a darling little brass key on it, and the frame itself seems to be made of a decent quality wood. (maybe stained oak?) I got it for under $5.oo -surprisingly. Nice when things happen like that.

After finally hunkering down and doing the proper research, I got myself a new phone plan and a new phone device. I chose a Blackberry. (Over an i-phone, no less - go figure. ) I'm happy with my choice. Now I feel a little bit more up to speed with technology. It's a pretty novel little communication and organizational tool for the price. A few bugs to work out synching it up to the Mac, but so far so good.

The last week has been pretty productive in terms of organization and gathering things for upcoming projects and also the October show. There was lots of pre-prep shopping and various fun mini-adventures over the weekend. (procuring blue PVC, religious medallions and communal wafers among other things.) A mix of work and play intertwined, which is always great to experience. However, along with keeping in-step with my goals and the big picture, some things still must change. There have been a few obstacles here and there to tackle in other areas, some which could effect my work and current workspace in a negative way. And so, this week my motto seems to be a mix of: "Damn the torpedoes - full speed ahead!".. and "Spit diamonds, but be graceful."

Which, with as polished as I like things to turn-out and as strong as I know I can be when necessary, I find the latter statement quite fitting for me to recount over and over. It's just a matter of clearing a path and then fitting all things in their proper place. Which, I intend to do to the best of my ability and as flawlessly as possible.

Shine on...


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