Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lions, Tigers and Bears..

After a few days of introspection, and some contemplation under last night's lovely full moon I snapped this shot. I'd decided that spending part of Friday evening and keeping lunch plans for today with some of my favourite San Diego people was in order. Just to stop and smell the roses a bit, and enjoy the company of those closest to me in CA really helped re-charge my batteries. I've realized - eeek - on this Labor Day weekend anniversary of my 9th year here, that of the friends I have made while in CA, despite being of all varied ages, each have indeed proven to be the most important relationships I've made since moving from N.J.
I have made wise choices and am glad to have kept these people close at hand.

After Rose soda and La Noia at Bassam's with Helaine last night, it's lunch at Brian's diner with Ted and his lovely girlfriend Shadow today, and later on I'll catch up with my pal Randali in the evening for coffee and a stroll. Some friends that have moved out of State (my dear Katharine, now in the Mountains of TN) and Krista (TX) had a phone call "connection" thing going on with me today too. These two have actually witnessed me covered in mud, pounding the ground and screaming "There is NO GOD!!" in the middle of my Garden in Del Mar once. ( landscrapers defiled it with a blocked irrigation system - one that Kit and I accidentally punctured when removing a hibiscus bush to transport.) Imagine this screaming, amid geysers of mud/flower soup that had erupted everywhere and that's the scene pretty much. It takes real friends to stand beside you during such moments of madness, laugh with you, and make you see you are still loved despite the stormy weather.

I'll be getting back to the artwork on Sunday when my head is a bit more clear. I have had some great sparks and ideas sketched out lately for projects, but the execution of them has been the REAL difficult tiger to tame. I know it's good to walk away sometimes, but I always have a guilt complex with it if I do. It's seems as if should you neglect your art for just one day, it can be such a bitch on the back-swing.T hat's when the creative process may neglect (or evade) you entirely for two or more days. Which means you have to take more time to build up the momentum again. Or it might mean, once you do get back to the table that you will just run crashing out of the gate like a boomerang on return momentum. Hard to say.

Speaking of such things as boomerangs, here comes that damned Mercury retrograde AGAIN. Which explains why I have been so anxious, impatient and pushy the last week with myself and others. Well, at least I am aware of it this time around in 2009, and I'm one ready Gemini/Ram. The 18th could be a rough, but necessary point so I am trying to prepare for that. And by the 29th this should all be headed back to the course of the intended path for me, or at least I'll know I'm on my way. It is in Libra this time around, and also in Virgo. While I do have a Libra/Dragon in the household too, I know it will all still work out just the way it is supposed to. "

"So the stars favour this turn, as indeed do the planets."

Damn..stars igniting indeed. I wasn't joking.

Anyway, I was recalling also this weekend, the very last things I did before I took my cross-country trek out here. One of them was getting a farewell Philly cheese steak at Pat's on the way to the interstate, and another was taking a trip to Inferno for some new earrings and then to Garland of Letters Bookstore on South Street in Philadelphia. This visit was a little bit before my departure day on August 22nd, 2000 and I went to stock up on supplies. Garland of Letters is known for having an awesome selection of books but as well, they always had a varied array of jewelry, incense, oils, and candles too. Believe it or not, I bought so much that day, because I knew if I did and I squirreled them away just-so, they would last.

This has been my favourite bookstore haunt since the early 90's.I cannot tell you how many hours I spent there feeding my brain and my soul. It was a spiritual discovery point for me with an address attached in many ways. I always made it a point to admire the handsome bronze lion at the entrance, give him a pat on his head and stroke his mane. I found a lovely pic of him online the other day, all dressed up to celebrate the onset of Spring. (see below) They always decorate him accordingly throughout the year and it's seasons. I recall when I left, (despite being the public germ freak I am) I kissed the top of his head for luck before my journey out West.

The picture prompted me to dig up last of my stash from the closet and enjoy. Even when I was little, lions always have always been symbolic of safety and strength to me, and a feeling of protection. Maybe it's "A Lion Witch, Wardrobe" related thing, or maybe it's because since I used to carry a stuffed one around as a tyke. I even held a real lion cub when I was eleven and I never forgot the grand memory of that. I can still smile like a child, just to think about it now. Sometimes quite by chance, you find comfort or re-enforcement exactly where, and when you need it most.

There in the box amid all the remaining candles and oils, were an old earthen-ware dragon oil lamp, a bag of incense and other oddly placed goodies: like a box of Cape May diamonds (unpolished), along with the receipt for that shopping trip. And on it I had hastily penned a note to the store's manager in black ink, over the purple printed text: "Faith - please send the following.." I did this per her instructions, so I could just photocopy whatever was purchased that day and send it off to to her attention as needed for my future orders to go out to CA. ( In 2000, they did not have an online store service.) And in the bottom of box also was an AIRS brochure from 1994, with gorgeous product illustrations by ArtistAmber Faith.

Lastly, was this pic of me from October 2000, which was my first Fall out here. So funny, some of my West coast family had never met me before, or else had only known me as a small child. So the first tatse of this meeting, or re-union with me outside of photos was at a Halloween dress-up party. Talk about bizzarre. My Aunt is very a loving old NY gal, and she was very welcoming but I didn't feel terribly 'related' to all the rest of them. My one cousin Stewart said to me: "Hey, this is pretty much normal dress for you isn't it, huh?" - and I cracked up. Hey, he got it, and at least he was kosher about it.

Goodness, where does the time go? No matter, the future is bright and the present is most important for me to focus on currently.


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