Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last picture..

..with the old cell phone camera. (well perhaps) I was planning on just keeping the old Motorola D&G Gold Razr I have had around, as it was a semi-decent 2.0 cell camera for use for 3 years now. (Plus it had this spiffy Star Trek communicator thing going on in the looks department.) Frankly, while both the Razr and the new Blackberry I just got are equipped with a 2.0 mpx camera, I still think it was better than my new cell camera's abilities quality-wise. (The Blackberry seems to produce really grainy and fuzzy shots) Last night, I was going to do a side by side comparison and see how each translated to the web blog however, right after this pic the Razr just simply died.

The D&G Razr/Motorola was always a little temperamental. In the past there would be times when the phone would appear to be 'dead' and pressing the power button would cause the panel to briefly light and then go out again completely. And even with the charger plugged in, it would not power up. Sometimes taking the battery out, popping it back in again and attempting recharging would help. But not so yesterday. I have heard of this same thing happening to many Razr owners, who have told me Motorolas simply just "die" or "go zombie." But I think it's some kind of internal circuit charging problem. Or else, when the battery is dead flat, the mains charger is rendered useless and can't hold the charge being processed by the electric outlet via the charger accessory. So, the internal charging circuitry will not switch on to allow it to take a charge from the mains charger, etc. A vicious circle and another wasted electronic device for the junk drawer.

Oh well. Good thing I just got a new phone with a camera but I haven't fully tested that one out just yet.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: Actually, I have just tested the BB out (see below) and the results are piss-poor truth be told. So, that's what the BB/Curve can do. Pretty dark, and if you lighten the exposure then the clarity is lost and it comes up too red and even more grainy. Not even sure what that purple streak could be.(??!!)

I have a feeling I am gonna miss this old Razr, (I was right) even though it over-exposed indoor shots and made them have this red cast. Still, I rather liked the effect. Hopefully I can fix it.I like having a mess of cameras to use for different results.

I realize that most cell phone cams are not the greatest, and that I was lucky with the razr. So the verdict is in: The BB is not good for pics, but it is still a nifty device in countless other ways.

C'est La Vie,


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