Monday, September 14, 2009

My desert kingdom for a Yuengling porter.

I got to thinking about Philadelphia and it's rich selection of eateries today. And since I'll be headed back to N.J. for a visit in a few months, it made me wonder if Saint Jacks pub is still around? Then that made me want a Yuengling. (which is the only beer I'll even bother to drink.) And since you can't get it out here in C.A. this was a mighty hankering I had to pin down hard. So instead, I thought about this great Irish Bar and restaurant in Rittenhouse Square called The Bards, that had Quizzo tournaments and made this excellent Guiness beef stew. And now, after listening to this tune, I decided I'd be nuts not to head off to dinner at my neighborhood pub for a minor substitution of some kind. Sometimes you just gotta go with what your brain tells you that you yearn for or else!



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