Thursday, October 15, 2009

If I only had a....

Admit, it you thought I was going to say: 'brain', right? Nope, no such luck. I was actually going deeper than that. Fact is, what I really want is more time - more hours for creating in a day. I'd love to be able to clone myself and have a Personal Assistant me for certain days of the week. (Right, as if being a Gemini multi-tasker wasn't enough already now there would be 4 of us to do the work.) And hey, my cloned-me would do the job just fine. I already know the 'boss' would love me, ha!

Just a quick picture and a scan of a little something still in progress, that I started yesterday. ("Packed With Pride" - 2009)

I've been really productive this week, and today looks pretty promising for getting stuff done as well. But whenever I look around there seems to be enough to do still that I stay busy instead of ever being finished with the little stuff: Like picking up my table from storage, grabbing prints/art supplies, then singing and numbering prints, bagging and tagging them for sale, etc., etc. I know it sounds like light work and/or boring ..but man.. I could live without the little bits to do. Not to be a whiner or anything, because I love what I do, and I look forward to all shows large and small as well as refilling any shops that carry my art, replenishing print stock or merchandising art on a wall, etc. However, while I know such tiny details don't take that much time, it all adds up eventually and subtracts from the amount of time I can be in my studio efficiently working on a new piece or finishing up an older one.

This is when my mind wanders into the "I'd sure love to have an assistant about now.." phase. And this is funny on so many levels, because when I held down a full-time day job (along with creating my art) back in N.J. , that day job for me was as a Personal Assistant for many years.I worked in both the Music Entertainment and variant Comics Publishing fields. Not mundane fields mind you, nor for the faint of heart in any way. Both full of lots of hustle and bustle action, each rife with plenty of demands. That said, I know what to expect of a decent Assistant and I'd probably demand a lot but I'd also be a very emphatic and appreciative boss. So if I had a good one, I know my work would flourish and benefit from the extra time and I could just concentrate on the creation of more artwork behind the ol' drawing board. Oh and while I'm wishing.. I want an Agent. One with good connections. Mmmm..yes. That would be nice also.

Well, let me dream if I want to. Le sigh. I'll snap-out-of-it here after another cup of coffee. And as soon as this is posted, I'm continuing with getting everything I need for set-up and display on Saturday and later, dropping off the last of the flyers at the Ken Club, doing the fun and oh-so-mortal ritual of laundry and the weekly grocery foraging. I know, it's all so glamourous.

Back to putting last-minute touches on a few pieces and taking care of tiny details before I head out today.I don't figure I'll be posting too much until after-show, but just wanted to make a quick post and also send a hearty Bon Voyage! out to a friend of mine as well today.



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