Saturday, October 3, 2009

Aftershow pix from tonight..

...comin' down. Excellent show, out-of-this-world-art and down-to-Earth people = fabulous time. Always a rare treat when you come out of a show feeling like you have met like-minded people and made new friends. Really beat, and will post scads of pix tomorrow this week.
For now, here's a shot of the Blue Nun / Mother Superior habit (taken before I left) and a few shots when I got home after a fine meal at Patti's a.k.a. the Asian Bistro in Hillcrest. As for the habit, I actually didn't get any pics of it last night worn with the full costume, but I wanted to show it off here on it's own. Yes, I made it and yesiree that is shiny, shiny PVC vinyl.

So, more on the show tomorrow, but before I finally crash-out like a sleep depraved zombie I wanted to make a quick scheduled post. Much heartfelt appreciation to Jasmine Worth, Jeffrey Parish, Martha and the rest of the fine crew at Junc for putting this kick-ass shindig together and displaying the pieces with such great care and respect. Everyone's art looked great and fit right into the eclectic mix of the venue so well.

Big thanks to Kim Schwenk, (who I shamefully missed seeing, damnit) for the heads up on this great gig. I want that horned woman piece that was displayed next to my "Sister Vanity Pride" art by the way! Helaine thanks for, well.. everything. Also props to all who came out. What a turn-out! The streets were packed and parking was a challenge. I have to say, in my opinion while the whole area was jumping and all the venues really did a great job, JUNC was the best spot on the walk for me to be. Smokin' hot baby.


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