Monday, October 19, 2009

Select pieces from Saturday's show.

So the Un*it*y show and party Saturday night @ The Flame was a blast! There was not only some great art for a great cause, but I got to meet some really cool like-minded folks. I even sold a few of the smaller pieces (or minis) that I had the good sense to make in the last minute. It was nice to be able to contribute (albeit a small amount ) of proceeds from my sales, and I hope next time to have an even bigger portion to donate. As well, I'd bring more of my graphic totes, since the 2 that I did bring (as merely an after-thought for table filler) really seemed to go over well. A few patrons asked for them specifically after the first one sold. Wish I'd brought more.

So all this fun, and why no pictures for posterity you ask? Well, I had truly intended to post some, honest I did. But like a dumbkoff, I forgot my camera on the way out the door. Thus, the only pics I have at the moment are the ones I had shot for my own reference, just before packing up the pieces for load-in. Matt and I forgot the camera, but there were several photographers on hand at the event, so hopefully some images will trickle into my email so I can re-post them here.

*If anyone who was taking pics is checking in here, please feel free to comment, or contact me regarding any photos you may have snapped of the event, me or my display.

I wanted to mention also, that so many awesome Artists and Performers were at the event I didn't know where to look first! And once my table got busy I regret I didn't get a chance to check out everything on the other Artist's tables or talk with them as much as I'd have liked to. Of what I did manage to check-out in particular, there were some larger than life and really top-notch photography portraits done by Ally Sligh. Most if not all, I think were of other local San Diego Women Artists and Musicians. She not only managed to have the personalities of her photographed subjects (well the ones I knew or have spoken to at other events anyway) practically leap out at you from the frame, she was also the hard-working curator for the event. She really did a superb job picking talent for the show and I felt like I was in very good company alongside those in attendance.

Also, I must take a moment to say I was totally blown away by the works of local Artist Stacy D'Aguiar at Unreal Art
and you probably will be too. (check the link) Also, anyone in the market for particularly nifty and completely unusual wearable art , there were some really unique jewelry pieces there from Unstandard Deviations. Besides the great work these Artists (quite literally) brought to the table, they were all really down-to-earth and solid gals who I had a blast meeting and talking art-shop with.

Lastly, below are the prints I had done especially for the show. And a piece currently in progress that I brought with me to work on while there. It was inspired directly by the event itself and prints were made to commemorate the show. ("Defined By Love" - Kristina Deak ©2009) I'll also be sure to donate a print or piece for the raffle if I'm on the next gig. Hopefully, I'll be on board for the next scheduled group event with Un*it*y and I will have this completed for display and sale by then.


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