Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sister Vanity Pride..

..In all her glory.

Just a little preview taste of one of 5 pieces I have displayed in the 7 Deadly Sins show. The show at JUNC Gallery and Boutique in San Diego is tonight. Opening night reception begins at 6 P.M.
All the details in earlier blogs this week. Free communion wafer/altar bread crisp to everyone in attendance! (Offer good 'til supplies are exhausted or up until your salvation runs-out. Haha.)

The Gods had a good go at me yesterday, I must admit. Amid the move in of the new neighbors (and the goings-on of horrid old noisy neighbors) there was a faulty "new & improved" spray fixative that tripped me up, and also the added joy of shutting my index finger in the door to my studio. (Yes the index on the main drawing hand.) But it all worked out and the above new piece was born of the process. Show prep is always like this for me. Everything else distracting happens. Big or small, group or solo show it can get hairy. But I do enjoy the wild pace.

Luckily, I have a long-standing record of maintaining a 0/0 record for "not killing anyone yet" that I'm intent on adhering to, and also some really inspiring and supportive friends. Big warm thank you's to: Matt for the help, the Great Randali, my sister in La Noia/Helaine and my long-time buddy Joe for listening to my art-horror story today. Also for all the awesome ping-pong matches this past year that keep my brain fired-up. Warm appreciation to each one of you guys for keeping me sane while living in my own crazy artistic way. And also, props to Curator Jasmine Worth for accepting my submissions to Junc, and to Kim Schwenk for a heads up on submitting to the gig way back in July.

Whether in crisis, or just while living life, it's funny how almost daily my adult mind always reverts back to random visions and the sounds of old Warner Brothers cartoons...

And oh what heights will hit..on with the show ..this is it.

See you there,


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